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Few neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have a more defined culture and atmosphere than Bloomfield, which is also known as the city's "Little Italy." This vibrant neighborhood is full of old brick buildings and families who have lived in Bloomfield for generations, so there's a real sense of community in Bloomfield that you won't find elsewhere in Pittsburgh. And, of course, there's the smell of fresh garlic and tomato sauce wafting in the air all hours of the day. Considering my love of Italian food and my desire to stay in a locally beloved neighborhood during my recent trip to Pittsburgh, booking a hotel in Bloomfield seemed like an obvious solution. So without hesitating, I pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone and booked a great hotel in Bloomfield Pittsburgh. Just like that, I was ready to travel to Pittsburgh and explore one of the city's most popular neighborhoods.

Italian Food

Every day, residents from all over Pittsburgh travel to Bloomfield for one reason – the food. Pittsburgh's Little Italy is overflowing with great Italian restaurants and shops, so you certainly won't have a hard time finding good food in this neighborhood. Most of the restaurants are packed at both lunch and dinner, and each meal I had seemed to be even better than the last. It's definitely safe to say that I ate my way through Little Italy, and the food in Bloomfield was easily one of the highlights of my time in Pittsburgh.

Liberty Avenue

After indulging in some delicious pizza or spaghetti, make your way to the shops on Liberty Avenue, the main business district in Bloomfield. Liberty Avenue has a great variety of independent shops where you can buy vintage clothes, artisanal products and, of course, any Italian food product you could dream up. By the time I was done shopping on Liberty Avenue, I had several bags full of olive oil, cheese and marinara sauce, which I felt were the best possible souvenirs I could have purchased in Bloomfield.

The Park

Bloomfield is definitely more urban than residential, so green spaces are hard to come by. However, Bloomfield still has a great recreational space for its residents, and you can hang with some locals if you want to work out and get your sweat on after indulging in one too many pieces of garlic bread. The park underneath the Bloomfield Bridge is a great recreational space, with greenery, a public pool and even bocce courts. Hang out here for an hour and you'll definitely meet some locals who will tell you where to find the best pizza in the neighborhood.

HotelTonight – Book Your Hotel in Bloomfield Pittsburgh

Even if you don't stay in Bloomfield when you travel to Pittsburgh, you should still consider visiting this neighborhood to see its classic row houses and rich Italian heritage. You'll come for the food, and stay for the ambience, because Bloomfield just has a cool vibe you won't be able to resist. I felt so lucky to be able to stay in Bloomfield during my recent trip to Pittsburgh, and it wouldn't have been possible without HotelTonight, which always helps me find great deals on last-minute hotels whenever and wherever I travel. And if I find myself in Pittsburgh again in the near future, I already know where my first stop will be – Bloomfield.