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Lawrenceville is one of Pittsburgh's most flavorful neighborhoods. This hip district blends the old world with the new, giving it a unique vibe that you'll only find in Lawrenceville. Not only is this neighborhood overflowing with trendy restaurants and local hot spots, but also everywhere you turn there's another beautiful old building and historic site. It's no wonder why Lawrenceville is one of the most desirable spots to live for Pittsburgh locals. After hearing so many locals rave about Lawrenceville, I decided to book my hotel in Lawrenceville for my recent trip to Pittsburgh, and boy was I glad I did. Lawrenceville continued to surprise me time and time again, and I felt perfectly at home in this lively district. As soon as I checked into my Lawrenceville hotel, which I booked easily through my HotelTonight app, I set out on foot to wander the streets of this vibrant Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Butler Street

When you make your way into Lawrenceville, chances are your first stop will be Butler Street. This is the main business district in Lawrenceville, and here you'll find plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment. This bustling street has charming cafes and popular eateries as well as an old-school movie theater and a bowling alley. Butler Street is where Lawrenceville locals come to hang out, which is why you should too when you're exploring the area.

Historic Sights

While you'll see plenty of cool new shops and buildings throughout Lawrenceville, you'll also stumble upon historic buildings that are hundreds of years old, which is just one of the many reasons why Lawrenceville is such an eclectic neighborhood. I decided to take a mini historical walking tour of the neighborhood, and I visited sites like the Stephen Foster House, the Allegheny Cemetery and the Stable Building. Since Lawrenceville is such a compact, walkable neighborhood, it's easy to visit all of these sites on foot.

Arsenal Park

Lawrenceville is known for its shopping, breweries and restaurants, but you can still find plenty of green, open spaces all over this Pittsburgh neighborhood. Without a doubt, the most popular park in Lawrenceville is Arsenal Park, which offers great walking trails, tennis courts and playgrounds. This is an especially popular spot among locals who just want to hang out with friends, enjoy some nature and get in a bit of exercise. I visited Arsenal Park every day during my short stay in Lawrenceville, and it quickly came to be one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood.

HotelTonight – Lawrenceville Pittsburgh Hotels in a Hurry

I had such a blast exploring this diverse, energetic neighborhood that I hardly wanted to leave Lawrenceville to see other parts of the city. Since I loved Lawrenceville so much, I already know I'll want to book another Lawrenceville hotel when I return to Pittsburgh, and I'll be sure to rely on HotelTonight to help me find the perfect place to stay. Even if you only have a couple of days in Pittsburgh, I'd recommend checking out Lawrenceville to see one of the neighborhoods locals love the most. You'll get a great feel for what it's like to actually live in Pittsburgh, and you may even picture yourself living in this cool, burgeoning community.