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Hundreds of years ago, Shadyside was simply farmland, but it evolved into a residential community in the late 1800s. Ever since then, it has been a popular neighborhood among Pittsburgh locals. While it's still a primarily residential neighborhood, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants throughout Shadyside to make it a great place to stay when you're visiting Pittsburgh. Since I like staying in neighborhoods that are more local than touristy when I travel, I decided to book my hotel in Shadyside during my Pittsburgh getaway. As I always do, I booked my hotel through HotelTonight, which makes it easy for you to book hotel rooms on the go via their website or their app. Within minutes on the HotelTonight app, I had a great hotel room waiting for me in Shadyside.

Walnut Street

The hip, upscale neighborhood of Shadyside is a hot spot for shopping, and one of the best places to shop, dine and play in Shadyside is on Walnut Street. This long avenue is filled with recognizable retailers as well as cool coffee shops and restaurants. If you reach the end of Walnut and want to continue shopping, simply wander over to Ellsworth Avenue or South Highland Avenue, where more shopping and dining awaits.

Fifth Street

While the commercial centers of Shadyside are vibrant and trendy, my favorite part of Shadyside was the residential area. I loved strolling down the residential streets of Shadyside, like Fifth and the surrounding side streets, which are lined with beautiful old trees and picturesque Victorian homes. Many of the streets in Shadyside look like they belong in a movie, so it was easy for me to see why any Pittsburgh local would love to live in this idyllic neighborhood. Whether you want to go for a long walk or just a leisurely drive, be sure to explore some of the more residential areas of Shadyside to gain a true understanding of the heart of this neighborhood.

Mellon Park

At the edge of Shadyside, you'll find one of Pittsburgh's best parks, Mellon Park. This expansive, historic park features sports fields, beautifully manicured lawns and a walled garden. It's the perfect place to immerse yourself in greenery and unwind after a long day of exploring Pittsburgh. Also, next to Mellon Park you'll find the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, which features a variety of exhibitions, from film to photography. There's plenty in Shadyside to entertain you for days.

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I've visited Pittsburgh many times over the years, but I never stepped foot into Shadyside until my recent trip to Pittsburgh. I'm sure glad I took the chance to explore this beloved Pittsburgh neighborhood, though, because I felt that I saw a new side of the city – one that locals really love. The more I get off the beaten path, the more I fall in love with a city, which is why I always rely on HotelTonight to help me find great hotels in interesting neighborhoods when I travel. Since I started using HotelTonight to book my hotels, traveling has never been easier or more fun.