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Named "Coal Hill" in the very early history of Pittsburgh, Mt. Washington is now one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the entire city. Located in the south of the city, Mt. Washington offers sweeping vistas of the Pittsburgh skyline and boasts charming streets and beautiful parks. While one might assume that Mt. Washington is a huge tourist hub, it's actually a spot that local love equally as much – if not more – than visitors. Since I wanted to experience the best of Pittsburgh from a local's point of view, I decided to book a hotel near Mt. Washington during my recent trip to Pittsburgh. To book a great last-minute hotel in Pittsburgh, all I had to do was pull up my HotelTonight app. In just a few taps on my phone, I had booked a lovely hotel near the best sights on Mt. Washington, and I was ready to see just why locals consider this neighborhood one of the jewels of their city.

The Views

The reason you'll want to return to Mt. Washington again and again is for the views. Since this mountain boasts the highest elevation in Pittsburgh, it provides spectacular views of the entire city, and an especially great view of the downtown skyline right across the Monongahela River. Some of the best spots to soak in the views on Mt. Washington are found on overlook decks along Grandview Avenue. Here's a tip: make sure to appreciate the views during the day and at night. You'll be blown away by the view no matter the time of day.

Green Spaces

Even though you can see the concrete jungle of downtown Pittsburgh right across the river, Mt. Washington feels like its own pretty green oasis. This Pittsburgh neighborhood is home to a number of beautiful green spaces, such as the Emerald View Park and Grandview Park. If you want to find a picturesque spot for a picnic or a spacious recreation area in Pittsburgh, you should make the journey up Mt. Washington.

Restaurant Row

Once you get tired of looking at the stunning views (is that even possible?), you can head over to "Restaurant Row" and enjoy a delicious meal. Many of the fine dining establishments on Restaurant Row offer stunning views of the skyline, so you can continue to swoon over the sweeping vistas of the city while you eat. Or you can just wander down Shiloh Street and indulge in some tasty baked goods, ice cream or an ice-cold beer.

HotelTonight – Book Your Pittsburgh Hotel in Mt. Washington

If you ask locals what to do when visiting Pittsburgh, chances are they'll recommend you make the trek up Mt. Washington. This neighborhood is one of the coolest, most unique spots in all of Pittsburgh, and you'll be consistently blown away by the gorgeous views and the charming streets. I was glad I was able to book my hotel near Mt. Washington during my recent Pittsburgh getaway, and my trip planning process wouldn't have been nearly as simple or as pleasant if it weren't for HotelTonight. Thanks to HotelTonight, finding great last-minute hotels in desirable neighborhoods is always a breeze.