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Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant city in the South, but it's not all concrete jungle and bustling sidewalks. Plenty of Atlanta neighborhoods feel more like they're in country than an urban metropolis, which is why locals love their city so much--they can have the best of the city and the best of the country all in one. That's also one of the reasons why I have recently fallen in love with Atlanta. After traveling to Atlanta on many different occasions, I finally ventured outside of the city center and explored some of Atlanta's more residential areas, and I quickly realized that this city is a dream come true for people who like options. There are countless neighborhoods, each with their own distinct feel and culture, in Atlanta, so there's truly something for everyone. On my recent trip to Atlanta, I decided to explore the charming Underwood Hills neighborhood of the city, so I checked out HotelTonight's website and booked a great last-minute hotel in Underwood Hills Atlanta.

Historic Homes

Underwood Hills is one of Atlanta's most desirable residential areas. Not only is this neighborhood laidback and peaceful, but it's also a quick drive away from Buckhead and downtown Atlanta, making it a commuter's dream. Underwood Hills' history traces back to the early 1900s, when it was originally home to the workers building the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. Because of its long history, Underwood Hills is full of beautiful old homes that have been carefully maintained over the decades. I felt that the true charm of Underwood Hills came from the quaint homes and manicured lawns found on streets like Ridgeway Drive, Defoors Ferry Road and Springer Street.


If you want to visit one of Atlanta's most promising up-and-coming neighborhoods, you might want to check out Blandtown. For the past several decades, Blandtown (which, yes, locals know is an unfortunate name) has been overlooked by both Atlanta locals and visitors, despite its rich history and great location. Now, however, developers are starting to move in on the neighborhood, and many locals believe it's at the forefront of an exciting rebirth. I was happy I had the chance to check out the area just as it's beginning its transformation.

Memorial Park

One of the reasons why so many locals want to live in Underwood Hills is because of the area's abundance of greenery and public spaces. The nearest major green space is Memorial Park, the third-largest park in the city. This picturesque park is a hot spot for locals looking to exercise outdoors, enjoy a leisurely afternoon picnic, or take their kids to the playground. This park is a main staple of the community, and once you see it in person, you'll understand just why Underwood Hills is such a coveted neighborhood.

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I'll be honest, Underwood Hills took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to like this residential neighborhood as much as I did, but I came away from my Atlanta trip with a strong understanding of the culture and lifestyles of locals in the Underwood Hills area. The next time I'm back in Atlanta, I'll be sure to explore another part of this diverse city by booking my last-minute Atlanta hotel through HotelTonight.