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Counterculture is alive and well in Atlanta--you just need to step foot in East Atlanta to find it. This funky, offbeat neighborhood is one of the hippest areas in all of Atlanta, and it has recently become a hub for hipsters and Atlanta's young and trendy. Where you find hipsters, you'll also find great coffee shops, an awesome live music scene and unique dining options, which is why the East Atlanta Village (simply known as EAV) is one of the locals' favorite areas in Atlanta. I wanted to get a feel for the flavor and soul of EAV on my recent trip to Atlanta, so I checked out HotelTonight's selection of Atlanta hotels online. Within minutes on HotelTonight's website, I had booked a great last-minute hotel in East Atlanta and was ready to start exploring this funky neighborhood on foot.

Flat Shoals

Flat Shoals is the main artery running through East Atlanta, so it's on this avenue where you'll find some of the neighborhood's hottest haunts. As soon as I arrived in EAV, I decided to explore the neighborhood by walking through its streets, and that's how I discovered that Flat Shoals is the place to be if you want to find great places to eat, drink, shop and listen to live music. In addition to Flat Shoals, Glenwood Ave (which intersects Flat Shoals) also has a terrific selection of restaurants, bars, and vintage shops you'll want to check out.

The Music Scene

East Atlanta Village is known for its music scene. There are a number of popular music venues scattered throughout EAV, so you can always find great live music in this hip neighborhood. Since EAV has arguably the freshest live music scene in Atlanta, its venues attract both local artists as well as big-time bands, and EAV locals pride themselves on the impressive roster of talent that performs in their neighborhood.

Brownwood Park

Like any great neighborhood, East Atlanta has a great park where locals socialize, exercise, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Brownwood Park is a lovely 12-acre park located in the heart of EAV, and it regularly hosts local festivals and events that draw large crowds of locals. If you want to escape the bustle of the city, it's easy to pop into Brownwood Park and feel as if you've suddenly been transported to the woods or the country. There are many reasons why EAV is such a desirable neighborhood to live in Atlanta, and the fact that it has such a beautiful outdoor space is definitely one of them.

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During all of my trips to Atlanta, I haven't found a neighborhood as eclectic or as quirky as EAV, which is why I fell in love with East Atlanta almost instantly. The next time I find myself in Atlanta, whether it's for business or pleasure, I'll certainly book my East Atlanta hotel through HotelTonight so that I can spend more time immersed in this funky Atlanta neighborhood. I always try to stay in hip, locally beloved neighborhoods when I travel so that I can get a true sense of what it's like to live in a particular city, and I certainly got a great feel for Atlanta's most flavorful neighborhood when I stayed in EAV.