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Peachtree Hills is located in the upscale residential area of Buckhead, which is one of the most charming, eclectic residential neighborhoods in Atlanta. While Peachtree Hills is a rather calm, laidback neighborhood, there's still plenty of fun and excitement to be had in this area. Whether you want to admire the beautiful architecture of the Peachtree homes or you want to enjoy the peace and calm of natural scenery, you're sure to find something you love in Peachtree Hills. During my recent trip to Atlanta, I unexpectedly found myself spending a significant amount of time in Peachtree Hills, and I came to grow quite fond of the neighborhood. Next time I'm visiting Atlanta, I'll be sure to once again book my Peachtree Hills Atlanta hotel through HotelTonight, which I know I can always rely on to find great deals on last-minute hotels.

The Bennett Street Design District

While Peachtree Hills is a more residential area than a hip urban center, there's still plenty to do and see in the area. If you want to have a unique shopping experience, head to the Bennett Street Design District in Buckhead. Located just off of Peachtree Road, Bennett Street is a major warehouse district full of antique shops, art galleries, creative studios, coffee shops and restaurants. I spent a couple of hours wandering this stretch of Bennett Street, and I stumbled upon many interesting finds in the art galleries and antique shops. If you're looking for some of the most eclectic shopping in Atlanta, you should head to this one-of-a-kind design district.

The Farmers' Market

There's a reason why so many locals want to live in Peachtree Hills--it's quiet, charming and home to a tight-knit community. There's also the added perk that Atlanta's best farmers' market can be found in Peachtree Hills. This weekly market is where locals shop for fresh foods and produce, so I decided to take a cue from the locals and buy fresh goods for a picnic down by Peachtree Creek.

Peachtree Creek

One of Peachtree Hills' borders is Peachtree Creek, a major stream that runs through Atlanta. Along this creek, you can find hiking and biking trails and beautiful natural scenery, so it's a great area to explore if you love the outdoors. Peachtree Creek is actually much more than just a pretty stream running through the city--it's a historically significant site. During the Civil War, one of the major battles of the war was the Battle of Peachtree Creek, which took place right next to the stream. Despite its bloody history, Peachtree Creek is now one of the most peaceful, beautiful spots in the city.

HotelTonight – Last-Minute Hotels in Peachtree Hills Atlanta

Most visitors don't get to explore off the beaten path Atlanta neighborhoods like Peachtree Hills, but I was glad I had the chance to experience what life was like in one of Atlanta's more residential neighborhoods. Whenever I book my accommodations through HotelTonight, I know that I'll be able to find a great hotel room in a fantastic location. So when I stayed in Peachtree Hills during my last trip to Atlanta, I had a great home base for exploring this charming neighborhood.