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If you're looking for Atlanta's quirky, offbeat side, you'll find it in Little Five Points. This eclectic neighborhood is located just a few miles east of downtown, and it's a favorite among locals because of its alternative vibe. Little Five Points (also known as L5P and Little Five) provides a unique experience for both locals and tourists, which is why I always recommend that visitors carve out some time to explore Little Five during their stay in Atlanta. On my recent trip to Atlanta, I decided not only to visit L5P, but I also decided to stay in the area so that I could really get a feel for the flavor of the neighborhood. I worked with HotelTonight to book a last-minute hotel in Little Five Points, and within minutes on HotelTonight's app I had a great hotel in the heart of this vibrant, creative neighborhood.

The Main Strip

Since Little Five is a relatively small neighborhood, it's easy to explore on foot. I first started my tour of Little Five Points by walking down the main strip, which runs down Euclid Avenue and on part of Moreland. Along this strip, you'll find many shops and boutiques, quirky cafes and coffee shops and some of Atlanta's most interesting residents, from eccentric artists to laidback hippies. If you love people-watching, you'll be fascinated by the people in Little Five.

The Art

Little Five Points is a hub for Atlanta's creative types, so naturally this neighborhood has one of the best art scenes in the city. As soon as you step foot in Little Five, you'll start seeing artwork everywhere you look--particularly on the walls. Local artists have covered the walls of L5P in beautiful, wild and eye-catching art. The most impressive street art in Little Five (in my opinion) is the stunning mural on the 7 stages building, which was painted over 20 years ago.

The Vintage Shops

The residents of L5P take pride in their city's indie vibe. You won't find a bunch of chain restaurants and popular retailers here. Instead, you'll find small, locally owned businesses and unique vintage shops all over the neighborhood. Whether you're looking for old records, cool antiques or vintage artwork, you'll be able to uncover great finds in Little Five. That's part of the charm of this quirky neighborhood--you never know what one-of-a-kind experiences you'll have, what interesting people you'll meet and what fascinating finds you'll stumble upon.

HotelTonight – Great Deals on Little Five Points Atlanta Hotels

After two days of staying in Little Five Points, I felt that I was really able to get a great sense of the unique energy and culture of this neighborhood. It didn't take me long to understand why Little Five Points is widely considered a must-visit destination in Atlanta, and I was glad I had the chance to be a temporary resident of L5P. Next time I return to Atlanta, I'll be sure to book my last-minute Atlanta hotel through HotelTonight. Maybe I'll explore another area of Atlanta, or maybe I will return to Little Five Points to once again immerse myself in the energy and excitement of this offbeat neighborhood.