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You could spend weeks if not longer in Los Angeles exploring all of the little communities that combine to create the identity of one of the largest metropolitan areas of the world. Even if you did, you still would not see them all. I know this because I have been coming to Los Angeles for years and have been trying to explore a different place every time I get a chance, but my list of remaining communities is still quite long. On my last work trip there, I once again extended my stay by a day, this time intending to explore Redondo Beach. I knew finding a Redondo Beach hotel room would be no problem, as I always travel with HotelTonight, the app that helps people find last-minute hotels based on their real-time location. All I had to worry about was what I was going to make sure to see and do.

The Beach

You don't have the word beach in the name of your city unless the beach is one of the main components of the community. That's certainly the case with Redondo Beach, as the neighborhood itself is a bit set off from the rest of Los Angeles, but that's because that's where the coastline is. The beach here is pristine and beautiful, and the pier is a stunning piece of engineering that takes you hundreds of feet out over the ocean. This is not an overly touristy beach, either, as it seems to be filled with quite a few locals, many of whom seem to know each other.

The Strand

To be accurate, The Strand, also known as the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, runs for more than 20 miles through several different communities in Los Angeles. The section in Redondo Beach, however, is very much worth the effort to walk. I did so and took in the entire scene that is the beach after spending time on it. You'll see rollerbladers, hikers, bicyclists, runners and even dancers moving down the strand. You'll see all sorts of neat shops and the like along the strand if you're looking for things like clothing or souvenirs. You'll see a bit of everything here, basically.

The Marina

The Marina is really something, as it's in a place--the middle of Los Angeles County--where you'd least expect it. It's also a place where you can go sport fishing or whale watching, but I was there because I was hungry and wanted some dinner. I went to one of the little places and had, of course, seafood. The local yellowfin was meaty and tasty, and the local produce served with it made the entire meal memorable.

HotelTonight – Redondo Beach Hotels in Seconds

Alas, it was time to call it a day, as I was tired after all that time in the sun. I pulled out my phone and opened HotelTonight. As always, I had a Redondo Beach hotel ready to go within seconds, and it was just a couple of blocks away. I looked forward to a restful night of sleep after a very nice day.