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Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself a bit and live, if even temporarily, in the lap of luxury. I had not done that for as long as I could remember when I was in Los Angeles for work recently, but at that point I decided to have a day for me. I extended my flight home out by a day so I could have 24 hours to do what I wanted and to explore what I wanted to see. I chose none other than Bel Air, the posh and famous community whose name basically says it all. I knew I'd find a lot to do there and I wasn't worried about finding a Bel Air hotel, as I had my HotelTonight app with me and that always helped me find accommodations at the last minute. I couldn't wait to see what Bel Air was all about.

The Country

One of the first things that strikes you when you drive into Bel Air is that it's anything but urban. I expected an urban place because it's right next to Beverly Hills and it's in Los Angeles. That's not the case--there are canyons that are uninhabited that sit among some incredibly high-end homes, but there is a lot of nature here and a lot of quiet. There's even a reservoir that looks like it may as well be a pristine lake in a mountain range somewhere. The people who live here value their privacy and their peace, apparently, because this really was a neighborhood in the truest sense.

The Wealth

When you do start looking around at what happens here, you realize that it is true that the wealthiest of the wealthy live here. The area may not be as well-known as Beverly Hills or other high-end neighborhoods, but you get the feeling that this is exactly how the residents want it. The mansions you drive by are breathtaking, most of which had full gates and intercoms and some of which even had security booths and guards. The lawns are all perfectly manicured and you don't even see any pieces of litter on the ground.

The Food

After a day of sightseeing and ambling about, I had built up quite an appetite. I asked some people on the street for a dinner recommendation, and they told me about an Italian place nearby that was family-owned and delicious. I was intrigued, so I popped in for a meal and could see immediately that I was in for a treat. This was an old-school restaurant that smelled of marinara sauce and bread, and the food I ordered was both filling and light. That's not easy to do with pasta. It was a great meal and I very much appreciated the recommendation.

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Alas, my day of exploring this gorgeous part of Los Angeles was complete and it was time to call it a day. I was tired but satisfied, and I looked forward to a restful night in my Bel Air hotel room that I had found in a few seconds on HotelTonight earlier that day.