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There are certain areas in every large city that may be somewhat overlooked by outsiders, but the locals all understand that these are extremely desirable neighborhoods or places. That's certainly the case with Pacific Palisades, a community in Los Angeles that is not a tourist destination, but is a place where most people would really like to live. I had an extra day in Los Angeles recently after a series of work meetings finished early, so I decided to spend that day getting to know Pacific Palisades. I did not have a place to stay at that point, but that was not something I ever worried about. As soon as I found an app called HotelTonight, I could open it and find, for instance, a Pacific Palisades hotel room in an instant and based on my current location. I could not wait to get to know another community in the Los Angeles area.

The Beach

Not only is every community in Los Angeles unique, but it seems that every beach is as well. I started my day at Will Rogers State Beach, and it was a great way to get the day moving. The beach itself is gorgeous and the white sand is mesmerizing, but there are other things to do on this beach as well. If you're into volleyball, there are courts here for you, but most of the people I saw were either lounging, walking or running along the sand. I took a lot of different photos of the coastline and got some sun, and then was ready to move into the rest of my day.

The Park

Pacific Palisades Park was my next stop, as I wanted to spend the day outdoors as much as possible. I found the park quite easily and spent time walking up and down the hills here and keeping myself out of the sun by staying under the tree cover. My main goal here was to talk to some locals, as I wanted to get a feel for what they thought of living here. Not surprisingly, they were all friendly and they all loved living here. This is a tightly-knit community and one that I can see leads to loyalty among its residents.

The Food

I wanted to make sure that my entire day was active and healthy, and when it came time for dinner finding something decent for me was not a problem. There are a lot of restaurants here that try to spike that delicate balance between healthy and tasty, and I found one that served American food that was extremely creative. I had a hamburger that wasn't made of meat, that was more of a vegetable-based meal than anything else and that was absolutely delicious.

HotelTonight – Pacific Palisades Hotels Are Available

As much fun as I had that day, I had reached the point where it was time to go to sleep. I pulled out my phone, opened HotelTonight and found a Pacific Palisades hotel room in seconds. This app is just that easy. I looked forward to a night of deep sleep after making a lot of memories.