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It's almost as if Los Angeles could be its own country. There are different parts of this gigantic metropolitan area that are all unique in terms of the cultures that are prevalent there, the food you'll enjoy there and the things you'll do there. That's why I always take an extra day when I'm in Los Angeles to explore another community that I have not yet seen. On my most recent Los Angeles trip, I decided to spend a day getting to know Encino, a community of around 45,000 people in the San Fernando Valley. I had heard the name and a few things about it here and there, but for the most part it was a mystery to me. I researched things a bit just to know a bit of what to expect, but I didn't bother searching for an Encino hotel room ahead of time. I use HotelTonight, and the app always helps me find lodging in minutes. It was time to explore.

The Vibe

When you spend time almost anywhere in or around Los Angeles, you get the feeling that most of the people there are almost as new to the place as you are. That's because this is an area of transplants. One of the first things I noticed in Encino is that the people there seem to have had roots there for most of their lives if not for generations. I talked to quite a few people, and almost all of them were from Encino instead of somewhere else. That made the vibe somewhat like a small town, but it also clearly led to the pride that people feel about their home.

The Valley's Miracle Mile

In Encino, things seem to be quite organized. By that, I mean that where people live is where people live, and those streets are filled with nice family homes and basically nothing else. Where people work is where people work, and office buildings are largely concentrated in one area. Where people shop and eat is… that's right… where people shop and eat, and for many that's at the Encino Commons, otherwise known as The Valley's Miracle Mile. There are hundreds of restaurants and shops here, so whatever you need will be found in one or more of these establishments.

The Open Space

When you're in Southern California, you tend to assume that you will not be seeing much in the way of grass, trees or open space unless it's a canyon between building developments. Encino has taken care to preserve quite a bit of open space, as there are parks and gardens throughout the community. Not only are there parks, but they are beautiful and covered in shade, so if you want to get out of the sun you're never too far away from relief.

HotelTonight – Encino Hotels Are Available

At this point, I had seen a lot and I had expended a lot of energy. I was ready to call it a day. I grabbed my phone, opened my HotelTonight app and found an Encino hotel room within seconds. I was happy that I had gotten to see such a nice little community that day, and I was excited for a long and deep night of sleep.