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Los Angeles is an enormous city that's filled with dozens of different little communities. In that sense, Los Angeles is like any other metropolis. However, unlike some places, every little hamlet in Los Angeles is unique. Each offers something different to those who live and visit them, and I had for years been taking an extra day on my work trips to explore another Los Angeles-area community. This time, I wanted to explore Brentwood. I had heard a lot about it over the years but had never experienced it firsthand. I did not have a place to stay when I came up with the idea, but that was fine as I didn't need one ahead of time. I had HotelTonight on my phone. HotelTonight is an app that helps people find last-minute accommodations, so finding a Brentwood hotel room was not even a concern. All I wanted to do was get there and see what there was to see.

San Vicente Boulevard

It's not often that a community is known as much for a street as anything else, but this is no ordinary street and Brentwood is no ordinary community. Not to mention, the median on San Vicente Boulevard is no ordinary median. I went for a walk through Brentwood down this road, and the median is not only grassy, but is home to coral trees, which was a rare sight indeed. The road also ran all the way down to the bluffs by the beach, so I got a great feel for Brentwood and the beauty one could find here.

The Parks

I could tell that this was going to be an active day. I kept walking around as much as possible, taking in the posh homes that lined the streets and the seemingly never-ending tree cover that kept everything nice and cool on a warm day. I also saw park after park after park, and these were not your typical big-city parks that were about 100 feet wide--these are enormous, gorgeous, completely manicured parks. I walked through three of them and enjoyed watching families run their kids around and others play with their dogs. It was bizarrely bucolic considering where I was.

The Farmer's Market

Finally, I had to explore the Brentwood Farmer's Market. I think a farmer's market is the best way to get to know a new community, and Brentwood was no exception. As was the case with the rest of this community, the market was beautiful. There were enormous strawberries by the bucket, huge heads of lettuce and cucumbers that looked like watermelons. There were also quite a few booths selling handmade crafts and a sense of community that was clearly authentic and not rehearsed. This is a place where people are happy.

HotelTonight – Brentwood Hotels in Seconds

It had been a very active and extremely enjoyable day, but my battery was just about out of juice. I needed to find a Brentwood hotel room. Thanks to HotelTonight, I had one within seconds, so it was time to head over there for a restful night of sleep.