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There are certain neighborhoods around the world that are so renowned, so well-known that it's almost difficult to call them neighborhoods. While Beverly Hills is its own city technically, it's part of Los Angeles and is swallowed up by the gigantic metropolis. I had been to Los Angeles many times but had never really spent much time in Beverly Hills. Since I had an extra day in the area thanks to a work convention ending early, I decided to dedicate myself to spending that day there. I knew I'd have a good time and that I'd see a lot of different things. I also knew that I would not have any trouble finding a Beverly Hills hotel room that day because I had my trusty travel companion with me. That travel companion is HotelTonight, an app that helps you find hotels at the last minute. I was ready to see what there is to see in Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive

Yes, I needed to start my day walking up and down Rodeo Drive. This is easily one of the 10 most famous shopping streets in the world, and I was not sure what I enjoyed the most: the stores, the merchandise or the people out shopping here. I walked through a few stores and realized that this was not a place where I could afford to shop regularly, but I still picked up a few things just so I could say that I got something from there. Every store is extremely high-end and every shopper seemed to be used to shopping in these types of places. It was an interesting cultural experience.

The Spas

Whether you're on Rodeo Drive or not, you have come to the right place if you want to spend time in a community that offers options for spoiling yourself. I saw more spas in Beverly Hills than I could count, and while I wasn't up for the full spa treatment I definitely wanted to get myself a mani-pedi, as long as I was in town. I found a place that offered them nearby, and it was quite luxurious sitting there and sipping champagne while your nails were worked to a state of perfection by extremely friendly and diligent people. It was a glorious couple of hours for me.

The Food

The shopping is high-end in Beverly Hills. The spas are high-end in Beverly Hills. The food is… you guessed it… high-end in Beverly Hills. You can basically choose a type of cuisine you would like to enjoy that evening and you'll find it here. I chose Italian food, and the place where I ate my dinner was small and quaint. The food was also fantastic, as the pasta was fresh with a snap of flavor and the tomatoes used in the marinara sauce were obviously very fresh.

HotelTonight – Beverly Hills Hotels in Seconds

I was full and happy. I had spent a day luxuriating in Beverly Hills as the folks who live here like to do from time to time. All I needed to do now was open HotelTonight and find a Beverly Hills hotel room nearby. I found one in a minute or so, and I looked forward to a night of deep sleep. It had been a great day.

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