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I have always looked forward to a trip to Seattle. I can remember the anticipation for a trip to the Emerald City ever since I was a child. My parents used to visit friends there, and I always had a great time. Now that I'm grown up and have a job, I'm fortunate enough to have one that sends me to Seattle pretty regularly. It's given me a chance to reconnect with it and with my past in a sense. Lately, I've been pushing my return flights home by 24 hours after I was done working so I could spend some time there. Instead of rushing around trying to take it all in, though, I've been choosing a neighborhood for each trip and spending my 24 hours there exclusively. On my most recent trip, I decided that I'd spend my 24 hours in the neighborhood of Ravenna. I hadn't spent any time there in the past and was looking forward to it. I also wasn't concerned about where I would sleep, as I travel with HotelTonight. This is a powerful app that I knew would help me find a Ravenna Seattle hotel room in seconds.

The Quiet

Ravenna is situated right next to the University District in Seattle, which is home to the University of Washington. You'd think that such a neighborhood would be a beehive of activity at all hours of the day and night, but that's not really the case here. There is a bit of bustle during the day and at times when people are coming and going from other parts of town, but for the most part this neighborhood is surprisingly quiet and calm. I got the sense that this is exactly how the people who live here want it.

The Shopping

You would think that the big draw for the locals in a neighborhood so quiet would be something else, but in Ravenna it's the shopping. In particular, it's the University Village shopping center. I was stunned to see so many world-renowned stores and brands represented here, and while the area was crowded and a bit busy, everything seemed to be relatively under control and calm. I've been to malls that were like circuses, but in keeping with the quiet and calm theme of the area, the U-Village, as it's called, was not that way at all.

The Park

A neighborhood situated so close to a large campus and that's so quiet has to have a park, right? Ravenna certainly does, and I spent a couple of hours there enjoying myself. Ravenna Park is enormous, and you don't really realize it until you walk around in it for a while. I did, and I was excited to see some trails that took me into woodsy land that made it seem like I was totally cut off from anything modern. I also enjoyed the open space and fresh air.

HotelTonight – Ravenna Seattle Hotels Are Available

At the end of such a great day, all I wanted to do was find a comfortable bed and relax. I opened my HotelTonight app and found a Ravenna Seattle hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to sprawl out after a bath and relax, satisfied that I had seen yet another part of Seattle.