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Seattle is a city that in itself is almost like a mosaic of different little communities that all come together to form something special. Every time I'm in Seattle, I try to explore a neighborhood I haven't seen before so that I can, over time, get a real feel for what it's like to live here. Fortunately, my job sends me here often, and I've been flying home 24 hours after my work obligations are complete on my recent trips so I can continue to learn more about a new aspect of this so-called mosaic. On my last trip, I wanted to spend time learning what there was to learn about the Central District, and what I discovered was something quite unique. Before I made my choice, I reminded myself that finding a Central District Seattle hotel room would be no trouble at all, as my favorite travel partner is the HotelTonight app. It helps people find lodging in real time and it's based on your current location, so I'd just book a room when my day was complete and I was ready to relax.

The Different Cultures

The first thing I noticed about the Central District was that over time, different cultures have gathered here to live in the community throughout the area's history. It seems that a piece of each of those cultures remains to this day. People from different parts of Europe, Asia and Africa have all settled here over time, and their influences can still be seen by way of the different artistic works in the area as well as the places to shop and eat. I couldn't even keep track of all that I saw, but the sense of community remained extremely strong.

The Historic Homes

The Central District goes back a long way, which is different than what many people think of Seattle and it's 'newness' such as it is. The neighborhood has been inhabited since the middle of the 19th Century, and quite a few homes and other buildings that were built around that time remain today. Many of them are now landmarks, and it's always fascinating to get a look at places like this because they give you a snapshot of what life was like way back when.

The Food

Given all of the different cultural influences that have lived here over the generations, there was no shortage of options for dinner in terms of type of cuisine. I was surprised to find an Ethiopian restaurant here, and I wanted to eat dinner there. I had sambuusa, which I had never had before. It looks like egg rolls, but the flavor is definitely distinct. Mine were filled with meat and some type of spice that brought the whole thing together, and I ate hungrily and happily.

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After such a nice meal, I was ready to call it a day. I grabbed my phone, opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Central District Seattle hotel room in seconds. I looked forward to taking it easy after such an active and fun-filled day.