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I love Seattle. I don't know why, but ever since the first time I saw it I wanted to spend as much time there as possible. I have never had the opportunity to live there, as the work I do requires me to live somewhere else in order to maximize my career. Fortunately, I get to travel to Seattle for work often, and they are always the best trips for me. I have a bit of a system for getting to know Seattle a little bit more each time I'm there. If I am scheduled to be at work there until, say, Friday morning, I schedule my return flight for Saturday morning. That gives me 24 hours to explore. Every time I do that, I choose one neighborhood and spend my entire allotment of time there. On my most recent trip, I chose to spend my 24 hours in the Queen Anne neighborhood. I could not wait to see it after all that I had heard about it. I wasn't worried about lodging, either, as I travel with the HotelTonight app. I would be able to find a Queen Anne Seattle hotel room in seconds when it got to be that time.

The Homes

It doesn't take long to figure out why this part of Seattle earned this name. In fact, it takes all of a few seconds. As soon as I started walking around, I saw all sorts of houses built in the Queen Anne style. I love this style, and every one that I saw had done it right. There were beautiful porches, arches and windows that gave these homes the feel of something majestic. When so many of them were built in a relatively condensed space, it gave the entire neighborhood that same feel. I would love living in this type of community.

The Park and View

Since I started my day outside admiring the gorgeous homes here, I thought I'd continue with that theme by spending some time in Kerry Park. Not only is this big park an incredibly beautiful place to stretch out, walk around and enjoy the fresh air, but you also get to take in some incredible views. You can see downtown Seattle below and on a clear day, which I had when I was there, you can see Mt. Rainier perfectly. It was stunning.

The Restaurants

It seems like every neighborhood in Seattle is known for its cuisine, and Seattle is no different. I decided to eat at what is a well-known Italian/Mediterranean place that I had heard about for quite some time. I ordered the linguini with clam sauce and had a delicious wine to go with it. It was a fantastic meal in every sense. It was worth the wait for a table, which wasn't even that long.

HotelTonight – Queen Anne Seattle Hotels in Seconds

After a meal like that, I needed some rest in order to bask in the afterglow. I grabbed my phone and opened HotelTonight. I searched for, found and booked a Queen Anne Seattle hotel room in a few seconds. I couldn't wait to get some sleep, as it had been a fun-filled and tiring day.