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Columbus, Ohio, is one of those cities that is constantly growing and changing. For generations, it was your classic Rustbelt city that was a center for manufacturing of all different types. In recent years, the city has undergone a bit of a renaissance, and I've noticed that because I've been traveling to Columbus for several years for work. It got to the point where I really wanted to learn more about this place and how and why it's changing so much. I didn't want to just take the basic tour of the city, either, but instead I wanted to know what it was like to live there and to learn about what people were thinking as they saw all of this happening. Whenever I can, I take an extra 24 hours to come home from my work trips, and on my most recent trip there I decided to explore the German Village neighborhood. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, either, as I always traveled with my trusty HotelTonight app. I would use it to find a German Village Columbus hotel room as soon as I was ready to call it a night.

The Feel

Clearly, the neighborhood got its name because German people settled here in droves in the 19th century. To walk down the streets of German Village now, though, you'd think you were in a German village. The buildings all look European in that many of them are made of solid brick or are done in that chalet style that's classic European. The streets are neatly maintained and lined with trees, and the shops are all very festive looking, and they seem to fit right in with the overall look of the community. It's really a neat thing to experience.

The Park

Another thing that you experience when you're in Europe is open space, even in large cities. That's been taken care of in German Village as well, as I found out when I spent a couple of hours enjoying Frank Fetch Park. It's not a large park, but it's perfectly maintained, is full of gorgeous flowers and the locals like to come here and take a break from their routines. Most of my time was spent talking to many of them, and I found out that these are some of the nicest people you'd ever hope to meet as a visitor.

The Pubs

You can't have a good and proper German village without a good and proper pub or two, or six… and this German Village more than takes care of that. I stopped in one pub in particular for a nice beer and wound up staying for dinner, as their pub burgers looked too good to pass up. I was glad to have made that decision, as the burger was not only huge but the cheese dripped off the sides, and the lager I had with it was the perfect match.

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After such a nice meal, I was ready to call it a day. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a German Village Columbus hotel room in seconds. I was ready for a big night of sleep after an even bigger day in a unique place.