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I have long loved Columbus, Ohio even though I have never lived there. I have been traveling there for years, and every time I do I'm reminded of how much it intrigues me. I'm not really sure why, as there are more famous cities in the Midwest and there are bigger cities not that far away. I guess it's because it's a real community filled with real people who live real lives and who want to talk about real things. That's always been my experience, so that's why I've been doing what I can to explore this unique place as much as possible. I've been doing so by scheduling my return flights from work trips for 24 hours after my work obligations are complete. That gives me an entire day to dig into an area and have fun with it. On my last trip, I chose to spend my free 24 hours in Clintonville, which is near downtown but is also a place in which I had never spent any appreciable time. I wasn't worried about accommodations, either, as I would simply let HotelTonight find me a Clintonville Columbus hotel room as soon as I was ready for one.

The Park

As soon as you get out of your vehicle and start walking around in Clintonville, you're immediately hit with a big dose of beauty--literally. The first thing I saw there was a place called the Park of Roses, and it's just what you think--a park absolutely filled with roses. I happened to be there at a time of year when things were in full bloom, and it was a stunning scene. The fragrance emanating from these blooms was also something else, and the locals were making sure to appreciate it as much as possible.

The Shopping

I'm not much of a shopper for the most part, as I prefer to purchase the things I need online whenever possible. That's mostly because I'm not a fan of crowds, noise and bustle in general. If I could find a place with a lot of little, family-owned shops, I'm sure to get out there more. That place is Clintonville, apparently, as there were little retail shops all over the place there. Not only were there retail shops, but they offered some of the most unique clothing and other products I had seen. I bought quite a few things that day.

The Cuisine

For some reason, I wanted to have a nice, healthy dinner. I had heard about a farm-to-table place just up the road, so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. The salad that came first could have been a meal in itself, as the produce was so flavorful and delicious. The chicken that followed it was tender, juicy and filled with protein that I knew would keep me satisfied for hours. It was a tremendous meal.

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At that point in the day, I needed some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and it immediately found me a Clintonville Columbus hotel room. I booked it and made my way towards what was sure to be a big night of relaxation.