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Columbus, Ohio is one of those cities that may not be known across the globe, but that's just fine with the people who live there. It's also fortunate for those lucky enough to visit there, as there is a world of culture, history and just fun things to see and do in this beautiful city. I've been coming to Columbus for work for a long time now, and I've grown to appreciate all that it stands for and has to offer. I also have a bit more perspective on all of this given what I've been doing on my recent work trips. I've been scheduling my return flights for 24 hours after my work obligations are complete. That provides me with the opportunity to dig deeply into one part of town. I have been choosing one neighborhood to visit, as that removes any time-related stress and any temptation to just run around and see all the tourist sites before heading home. I also don't have to worry about lodging when I do this, as I travel with HotelTonight. This powerful app would no doubt find me a Franklinton Columbus hotel room in seconds when I was ready.

The Arc of History

You know you're somewhere historic as soon as you spend any amount of time in Franklinton. I stopped at a cafe for a quick coffee and struck up a conversation with a man who has lived there his whole life. He told me that this part of town was first settled during the late 18th Century, so people have been here for a long time. During those 200-plus years, there have been ups and downs, like in any community. These days, Franklinton is definitely on the upswing after suffering through some hard times for a while. There is a lot of redevelopment happening here.

The Arts

I was surprised to see that Franklinton was yet another part of Columbus that is heavily influenced by the art scene. I visited at least 2 or 3 different art collectives during the morning, and I was extremely tempted to purchase at least a couple of pieces. Logic finally won out, though, but I still may go back there sometime soon and bring something home for myself. Artists are definitely welcome here, and I saw quite a few of them working on their latest masterpieces.

The Food

Of course, one of the best ways to form an opinion on a community is by way of the food it offers to locals and visitors. Franklinton offers a wide variety of things to everyone who is looking for a meal. For whatever reason, I was in the mood for a burger and a beer, and I found a local brewery that served both of them in style. I had an avocado burger, and it was cooked to perfection and paired with an IPA that added even more pizazz to the meal.

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As I finished my dinner, I begrudgingly accepted the fact that it was time to head home. I opened my HotelTonight app and it found several Franklinton Columbus hotel rooms for me instantly. I booked a room and was on my way in seconds. It had been a great day.