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There are certain cities in the Midwest that are known to people all over the world. These cities attract millions of visitors per year for different reasons. There are other cities in this part of the country that fly a bit under the radar, but that doesn't mean that they're anything but wonderful places that everyone should experience. Columbus, Ohio, is one of those cities. There is so much to do here, there are so many world-class facilities of different types here that it's hard to believe that it's not overrun with tourists. That's just fine with the people who live here, though, as the residents of Columbus are intensely proud of their city but not at all interested in promoting it or themselves to others. I've always admired that about the people there, and I've always wanted to explore the city a bit more. I recently came across an opportunity to spend 24 hours there when my connecting flight was canceled and wanted to explore downtown. I wasn't worried about lodging, as I had HotelTonight at my side. This powerful app would find me a downtown Columbus hotel room in seconds when I was ready.

The Development

Columbus was like a lot of other Rustbelt cities in the Midwest in that for years during the mid to late 20th Century, it fell on hard times to an extent when manufacturing jobs dwindled. However, in recent years downtown Columbus has been undergoing a remarkable resurgence, and you can see that happening right before your eyes. Buildings are going up and old ones are being refurbished. Streets are being redone and even lighting is being modernized. It's a neat thing to see a city come back to life, and the local folks there are 100 percent behind the effort.

The Arts

I did not expect this in the least, but downtown Columbus is absolutely filled with artists and is definitely influenced by the artist community in a direct way. The Columbus College of Art is here, and there are free art galleries right there on campus. The Columbus Museum of Art is also downtown, and I spent a lot of time walking through it, mesmerized at the works that were on display. You'll also find quite a few different art galleries sprinkled in with the rest of the neighborhood, and their works appear all around the community.

The Restaurants

One way in which you can judge how a neighborhood is doing is by its restaurants. True to form, there are quite a few coming to downtown Columbus. I was in the mood for something different, so I decided to follow the recommendation of a lady I spoke to and have some Venezuelan food for dinner. It was absolutely delicious. The arepa I had was sublime, and the plantains that came with it were incredibly tasty.

HotelTonight – Downtown Columbus Hotels Are Available

At the end of such a nice day, it was time to go ahead and get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and it automatically found several downtown Columbus hotels for me based on my location. I booked one instantly and was off to a nice comfortable bed for a restful night of sleep.