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As soon as I stepped foot in the vibrant Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, I felt the energy, the creativity and the welcoming vibes of the community. Right away, I was so glad I booked a hotel in the area. Even though the size of the Westside is less than one square mile, it packs a big punch in terms of charm and character. In this downtown neighborhood, you'll find an interesting blend of the old and the new, and you'll definitely find plenty of delicious food. So if you're like me and love to stay in interesting local hotspots whenever you travel, you might want to stay at a hotel near the Westside in Kansas City. Like I always do when I travel, I booked my Kansas City hotel through HotelTonight, which allows me to book great accommodations in a few taps on my phone. In just a few minutes on my HotelTonight app, I had booked a terrific hotel in the Westside, and I was ready to start exploring this trendy neighborhood on foot.

Hip Eateries

If there's one thing that attracts locals from all over Kansas City to the Westside, it's the incredible selection of hip cafes and restaurants. Every eatery you stumble upon in the Westside feels like it's been plucked out of an Instagram page. The decor is hip and unique and the food is picture perfect – and after tasting plenty of the dishes, I can confidently say it's delicious, too! So if you want to eat where some of Kansas City's hippest locals eat, make sure to check out the restaurants on the Westside.

Summit Street

The Westside is rather compact, and you'll find most of the area's best restaurants and shops on Summit Street. This vibrant street feels quirky and artistic, and there's a hip feel to every block. Simply taking a stroll down Summit Street can be fascinating, and I personally couldn't resist popping into all of the unique vintage stores and boutiques I passed along the way.

Historic Homes

For anybody who geeks out a bit over architecture, you're sure to find plenty to ogle in the Westside. This downtown neighborhood of Kansas City features many beautifully maintained historic homes, so keep your eyes peeled for stunning Victorians and red bricks, because chances are you may want to snap a photo or two of these beautiful old buildings.

HotelTonight – Book Your Kansas City Hotel on the Westside

Downtown Kansas City is comprised of many unique neighborhoods, each of which has its own vibe and culture. The Westside neighborhood is certainly one of the hippest areas downtown, which is why so many young and creative residents proudly call it their home. I was glad I had the chance to stay in such a lively, charming neighborhood during my time in Kansas City, and it certainly wouldn't have been possible without HotelTonight, which helped me book a great hotel near all of the best shops and restaurants in the Westside. Ever since I started using HotelTonight to book my accommodations, traveling has never been easier or more fun.