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Brookside residents know that they're in on a major secret – they live in the best little neighborhood in Kansas City. At least that's what several Brookside locals told me during my recent Kansas City vacation, and I just might have to agree with them – Brookside is like a small town in the middle of a big city, and there's no limit to the charm and character you'll find in this neighborhood. The more time I spent in Brookside, the more I realized just how strong of a community it was. Neighbors waved to each other on the street, waiters knew the regulars' orders, and every local seemed to gush about living in Brookside. For these reasons, I was so glad I booked my hotel in Brookside, because I love feeling like I'm part of a community when I travel. Plus, booking my hotel was a piece of cake, because I relied on the HotelTonight app to search for and book a Brookside hotel in just a few quick minutes.


Brookside is regarded by Kansas City locals as a shopping district. There are so many quaint boutiques and great shops in Brookside that you'll stumble upon countless unique finds all over the neighborhood. Brookside offers dozens of great shops that locals and visitors alike love, which is quite impressive seeing how this shopping district's roots trace back nearly 100 years. Brookside was originally built in 1920 as Kansas City's first suburban shopping district, and it still remains one of the hottest shopping spots in the city today.

Good Eats

If you're hungry, take a quick stroll through Brookside. There's no doubt you'll come across countless casual eateries and chic restaurants, and you're sure to find something that matches your cravings. Since this neighborhood is a hot spot for the city's young urban professionals, you can rest easy knowing there are plenty of hip coffee shops and cafes to choose from when you're wandering through the polished streets of Brookside.


While there are plenty of areas in Kansas City that offer wild nightclubs and rowdy bars, Brookside is definitely not one of them. This neighborhood caters to a more laidback crowd, but make no mistake – there are still plenty of great options for nightlife. The local watering holes just tend to attract a more mature crowd. I tried out a couple of bars while in Brookside, and I met numerous locals over glasses of wine, all of whom told me why they think their neighborhood is the very best in the city.

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Kansas City is a large, sprawling city that has a little something for everyone. If you're a young, hip professional or you just love trendy restaurants and cool shops, you will take an instant liking to Brookside. I felt right at home in this tight-knit community, and I could easily see myself living here if I were a Kansas City local. Next time I return to Kansas City, I will definitely rely on HotelTonight again to book another great hotel room in Kansas City, and I may even return to the charming neighborhood of Brookside.