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As one of the friendliest, liveliest neighborhoods in Kansas City, Waldo is a delight to explore. Not only is this community warm and welcoming, but Waldo also offers plenty of great entertainment and activities. It's no wonder the locals are so happy – there's always something fun to do in their neighborhood! During my recent trip to Kansas City, I was lucky enough to find a hotel in Waldo on HotelTonight. After browsing Kansas City hotels on my HotelTonight app, I landed on a charming hotel in the heart of Waldo, and I didn't hesitate booking it. After all, when I travel I love to stay in locally beloved neighborhoods rather than super busy, touristy areas, and Waldo perfectly fit the bill. Once I started exploring the area for myself, I quickly came to understand just why so many Kansas City locals adore the quirky neighborhood of Waldo.


While you'll find plenty of hip, trendy restaurants and shops throughout Waldo, you'll also find remnants of the past. Pay attention to the buildings you pass as you wander through Waldo, as many of them have been carefully maintained for centuries. And if you're a history buff like I am, you might find the Alexander Majors Historic House & Museum fascinating, as you'll learn about the Pony Express and antebellum Kansas City.


Don't expect your regular shopping mall finds in Waldo – this neighborhood offers a far more eclectic, unique mix of shops and boutiques. Every shop you enter will have interesting, quirky goods that you won't be able to find in major chain retailers, which is part of the fun of shopping in Waldo. If you're looking for a fun, one-of-a-kind souvenir from your time in Kansas City, Waldo is the place to find it.


This fun-loving neighborhood is never boring, especially when the sun goes down. I stumbled upon several popular bars during my stay in Waldo, and each one seemed to be more packed than the last. Not only do Waldo locals frequent the bars in their neighborhood, but also many Kansas City residents from elsewhere in the city travel to Waldo to check out its cool nightlife options. So if you want a fun, laidback night out on the town when you're in Kansas City, Waldo may be the perfect option for you.

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To be honest, I didn't have huge expectations from Kansas City before I visited, but the locals of Waldo quickly proved that Kansas City has so much fun, culture, and energy to offer. Not only was there a real sense of community in Waldo, but there was also plenty of excitement and entertainment, and I was never bored during my stay. I was so glad that I booked my hotel in Waldo for my Kansas City trip, because otherwise I definitely wouldn't have had the same experience. Once again, HotelTonight made my trip exponentially better and more memorable, and you can bet that I'll use HotelTonight again to book my hotel when I return to Kansas City.