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This warehouse district is one of Kansas City's most beloved local gems, and it has experienced a huge boom in popularity in recent years. West Bottoms is where locals go for great shopping, and not just any shopping – vintage and antique shopping. People drive from all over both Kansas and Missouri to spend a day shopping in West Bottoms, which is why the neighborhood's locals feel so lucky that they have such a unique shopping scene in their own backyard. During my recent trip to Kansas City, I knew I wanted to spend some time exploring all of the interesting shops and markets, so I decided to book a hotel near West Bottoms. To find the perfect hotel in Kansas City, I simply pulled up my HotelTonight app on my phone and found a great KC hotel in a few seconds. Just like that, I had a hotel room waiting for me near the vibrant Kansas City neighborhood of West Bottoms, and I was ready to get shopping.

Flea Markets

West Bottoms is synonymous with flea markets. The entire neighborhood is essentially built around the flea markets, where you will find an enormous selection of antique and vintage goods. You never know exactly what you'll stumble upon when you're shopping in West Bottoms, which adds to the excitement of the atmosphere. While many of the flea markets are open daily, the big shopping event in West Bottoms is First Weekends, where all of the vintage stores open their doors and put their best goods on display.

Good Eats

Ever since West Bottoms became such a popular place for shopping, the area has seen a surge in new restaurants. Now, you can find a number of cool eateries all over West Bottoms, because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a hearty sandwich after a full morning of sifting through antiques. There are funky cafes, charming bistros, and cute restaurants in West Bottoms – everything a flea market shopper could want.

The Wine and Beer Scene

In addition to the cute cafes and bistros that you'll find in West Bottoms, you will also find great wine tasting rooms and breweries. Whether you're looking for a light sauvignon blanc or a hop-filled craft beer, you'll be able to find a watering hole that fits the bill in West Bottoms. After I spent the morning shopping the flea markets, I joined some locals at the nearby brewery, where we compared our flea market finds. The energy and environment in this neighborhood is unlike any other you'll find in Kansas City, so I definitely recommend checking it out if you have the time.

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I've spent a good deal of time in Kansas City over the years, but I hadn't ventured out to West Bottoms until my recent trip, and I was immediately enamored with the neighborhood. There's a fun energy in this old warehouse district that has evolved into a major shopping hot spot for locals and out-of-towners alike, and I was so glad I had the chance to thoroughly experience West Bottoms for myself. And, of course, I wouldn't have been able to find such a great hotel at a moment's notice if it weren't for HotelTonight.