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I've traveled all over the world and spent time on six of the seven continents. I've seen what there is to be seen on this planet and appreciated all of it. Given that perspective, I feel quite confident that I can speak effectively on what places are like when compared to others. I can also say with full confidence that New Orleans is about as unique and interesting a city as there is anywhere in the world, and that's true for a lot of different reasons. You won't find the same cuisine anywhere else. You won't find the same welcoming spirit anywhere else. You won't find the same architecture or love of celebration anywhere else. So what makes New Orleans tick? I couldn't really say until recently, as all I had really done there was see the things everyone else does. That all changed when I started exploring the neighborhoods within the city. Not too long ago, I spent a day in New Orleans East. I can do this easily because I travel with my HotelTonight app. I was able to find a New Orleans East hotel in seconds.

The Wildlife

One of the more overlooked aspects of New Orleans is the nature that surrounds it. I spent some time in a wildlife refuge located in New Orleans East, and it was mesmerizing. There were alligators everywhere, and I had forgotten how they call this part of the world home. Sea birds flocked and swarmed, hunting the fish in the swampy waters below. The entire area was this sort of an eerie type of mystically beautiful that is impossible to describe but equally impossible to forget. I spent hours here just taking in all that nature had to offer, and it offered quite a show.

The Culture

When people think of the different cultures that came to this part of the United States that influenced what we see, hear and eat today in New Orleans, most will correctly identify the French and the Spanish. In recent years, however, there's been an increasing amount of influence from Asian cultures here, particularly the Vietnamese culture. Many folks came here in the mid-1970's, and I noticed a lot of different Vietnamese restaurants around the community as I drove and talked to people. It really is quite a melting pot here, and everyone is welcome.

The Cuisine

Of course, having found out about the Vietnamese influence here, I had to enjoy a nice Vietnamese dinner. New Orleans is about a lot more than Creole and French food, and I was excited to give one of these places a try. I was glad I chose the place I did, because the pho that they served was indescribably delicious. The broth was perfectly spicy and tasty, the ingredients were perfectly crunchy and soft and the beef was slow-cooked to a level that I don't think could ever be replicated.

HotelTonight – New Orleans East Hotels Available

After that type of a meal and that active a day, I was ready to rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a New Orleans East hotel within seconds. I was happy to have experienced what I did that day, and just as happy to have a comfortable bed in which to enjoy a nice night of sleep.