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When you mention New Orleans to people, most get visions in their heads that include the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and festivals and parties that are as intensely fun as any in the world. Some may also think of the lovely architecture that's part of the city, the incredibly friendly residents and the unique feel to the entire community. Strangely, few people talk about downtown New Orleans even though it's in the middle of it all. I was one of those people, as for years the only time I spent downtown was while I was there for meetings or perhaps during a quick dinner after the workday was done. I couldn't wait to get to other parts of town. I decided to change all of that recently, as I had heard that downtown was changing in a big way. On my last business trip, I extended my time there by 24 hours, giving myself an entire day to see what there is to see downtown. I wasn't concerned about finding a downtown New Orleans hotel room. I travel with my HotelTonight app, so I'd be able to find lodging as soon as I was ready.

The Dark Times

During the early part of the second half of the 20th century, most of the big cities across the United States began to feel the effects of people moving in waves to the suburbs. Downtown areas across large cities became homes for large office buildings and basically not much else. New Orleans was no different. During the 1960's and 1970's what used to be a unique and historic downtown area began to give way to concrete and windows. Fortunately, a group of concerned residents helped to put a stop to all of this during the 1970's, resulting in something extremely positive.

The New Vibe

One thing that a culture like the one that exists in New Orleans has going for it is that it will work almost anywhere. You see that now firsthand when you walk around downtown. Yes, there are still a lot of different high-rise office buildings here and it is still the business center of the city. However, you'll now find festive music playing in Lafayette Square, nightlife all over the place and people staying around after work to enjoy this part of town. It's had a profound effect on what people think about this part of the community.

The Cuisine

The Central Business District, which is what downtown is called, is a growing hotbed for the restaurant business. I went to a seafood place and had oysters that were so fresh you could still taste the seawater in them. It didn't hurt that the horseradish and cocktail sauce that they served with them made me want that many more of them. I moved on to a bowl of gumbo that had shrimp in it that were so big and tasty that I couldn't believe they could fit in the dish.

HotelTonight – Downtown New Orleans Hotels

I was extremely happy with my day and with my dinner. I was ready to happily crash out in a comfortable bed. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a downtown New Orleans hotel room in seconds. I made my way there, ready to enjoy the final part of my 24 hours in the Big Easy.