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Like any major city, New Orleans is comprised of a lot of different little communities and parts that all come together to form one lovely place. I have been traveling to New Orleans for most of my life, as my father used to take me there on his business trips. I also spent time there in college on spring break, having the kind of fun that college kids tend to have in the Big Easy. Since then, I've been there several times for work, but always felt a small amount of regret because I was never able to do much but work while I was there. Recently, I woke up on a Friday morning to find out that my meetings for that day had been canceled. I immediately pushed my return flight to Saturday morning so that I could have 24 hours to explore a part of the Crescent City. I chose to spend my 24 hours in Algiers, a place I had never seen. I wasn't concerned about accommodations. I travel with my HotelTonight app. It would find me an Algiers New Orleans hotel as soon as I needed one.

The Difference

One of the things that you fully understand when you spend time in New Orleans is the pace of the place. There is always something happening, almost regardless of time of day or day of the year. There is always a party, an event or something going on that keeps you moving at full throttle. That's almost exactly the opposite of the pace of life in Algiers, or on Algiers Point as some call it. This is true, down-home, laid-back and friendly Louisiana, where everyone greets you with a genuine smile and everything seems to fall into place naturally and without fanfare.

The Development

Not too long ago, Algiers was a place that was home to quite a few locals and seemingly even more warehouses and industrial concerns. That's because it sits near the water and is a natural location for shipping and receiving along with other types of industrial activities. In recent years, quite a few of those old warehouses and industrial sites have undergone a revitalization, and that has led not necessarily to an onrush of new residents, but rather a smattering of new options for food, entertainment and shopping. It's being done right.

The Food

There may not be a better place in the New Orleans area to find true Louisiana cuisine than Algiers Point. I wanted to sample some of the legendary seafood that's served here, and that's why I went to a place right on the water that didn't look like much from the outside, but that served a mean dinner inside. I had snapper that was prepared with seasoning that I had never tasted, and I had cornbread that soaked up the seafood gravy perfectly. What a meal.

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I was extremely full and satisfied, and I was more than ready for some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and found an Algiers New Orleans hotel in seconds. I couldn't wait to stretch out on my bed and rest well.