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Recently while driving through the state of Washington, I decided to take a break from driving and spend a day in Spokane. I pulled off the highway and found myself in the neighborhood of Peaceful Valley. I knew finding a place to stay in the city wouldn't be a problem, even at the last minute, thanks to the HotelTonight app. Knowing I didn't have to worry about where to stay, left me free to explore the neighborhood of Peaceful Valley and see all that it had to offer.

The Area

I had heard from a few friends that Peaceful Valley was a unique area and that I wouldn't regret spending a day there. The neighborhood truly is unique and has a bit of a rustic feel to it. The neighborhood is built on an old mining town and still possesses that old west charm, which makes it a truly unique part of Spokane to visit. The neighborhood is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the city. All of this combines to makes Peaceful Valley one of the best neighborhoods to visit in Spokane.

Things to Do

Peaceful Valley is filled with so many things to do. From taking hikes on the several trails surrounding the neighborhood to visiting a museum that details the history of the area, there is a wide variety of activities to choose from. I spent a great day in the area and started out with a hike near the Spokane River. Following my hike, I headed into the town and did some exploring, wandering up and down the streets, looking at the different stores and boutiques. I was amazed that so many things to do could all be in one neighborhood.

The Food

As I made my way through the neighborhood, I noticed that Peaceful Valley was home to a number of amazing looking restaurants. I wanted to find the best place in town to get a meal, so I asked around and led to a great sandwich shop. The food was great, and I also loved the friendly staff and great service. After the sandwich, I got a brownie for dessert that was to die for. I'm so glad I got the advice of the locals an was led to such a great restaurant. I can't wait to eat there the next time I'm in town.

HotelTonight – Book Peaceful Valley Hotels with Ease

After a great day of fun and amazing food, I decided it was time to get some rest. I pulled out the HotelTonight app and within a few minutes I had booked a great room, in right in the middle of the neighborhood. The app made booking a room on short notice no problem. Without having to worry about finding a room at the last minute, I was left free to spend a great day in Peaceful Valley. I'll make sure to stop by the neighborhood the next time I'm in town. Peaceful Valley is one of the best places I've ever visited.