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I recently found myself in Browne's Addition in Spokane with a day to spare and decided to spend the day exploring the neighborhood and see what the neighborhood has to offer. I knew that I wouldn't have a problem finding a place to stay thanks to the HotelTonight app, which left me free to explore the Browne's Addition area and see all the things the neighborhood had to offer. I couldn't wait to get started exploring the city.

The Area

Browne's Addition is located in the southern part of Spokane. It is one of the most exciting and historic parts of the city and is filled with things to do and see. The neighborhood was one of the first prestigious areas of Spokane and still retains it's trendy and exciting feel. The Browne's Addition area also offers great scenery and is located a short drive from the downtown Spokane area. It's easily one of the coolest places to visit in the eastern Washington area and has a different feel from the rest of city. Browne's Addition is a great spot to spend a day out on the town.

Things to Do

There is so much to do and see in the Browne's Addition area of Spokane, you couldn't possibly do it all in one trip. There is a great museum of the arts and culture that features a number of great exhibits. After visiting the museum I spent some time walking around the neighborhood and visiting a local park. The area also had a lot of local shops and is home to local and chain stores, which make it a great destination for shopping. Browne's Addition is one of the best places to visit in Spokane.

The Food

As I made my way through the neighborhood, I noticed a lot of fantastic looking restaurants. I wanted to find the best place to eat in Browne's Addition and asked around for recommendations. Eventually, I was led to a wonderful hamburger place right in the center of Browne's Addition. I loved the hamburger and also had a delicious slice of pie for dessert. It was one of the best meals I've had in ages. I'll make sure to come back to that restaurant the next time I'm in town. Everything about the restaurant was great.

HotelTonight – Book Browne's Addition Hotels in an Instant

After a fun day in Browne's Addition and a delicious meal, I decided it was time to get some rest. I knew the HotelTonight app would let me easily book a room, even on short notice. So I pulled opened up the app and in a matter minutes, I had a great room booked in the heart of the neighborhood. Later that night, as I was relaxing in my hotel bed, I thought back to the great day I'd had in Browne's Addition. I can't wait to come back to the neighborhood and spend another great day in the exciting neighborhoods of Spokane.