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During a recent trip through Washington, I had the chance to spend a day in the downtown Spokane area. I was visiting family and had a free day to myself, so I headed into the downtown Spokane area to see what the city had to offer. Thanks to the HotelTonight app, I knew that finding a room in downtown Spokane wouldn't be a problem. The app took all the stress out of finding a room, leaving me free to enjoy a day in the city.

The Area

Downtown Spokane is one of the most exciting parts of the city and has so much to see and do. The downtown area is the main hub for businesses in the city and also plays host to a number of great local shops and businesses. Recently, the downtown area has undergone a bit of a renaissance and has become one of the most exciting places in the state. The downtown area is also home to Gonzaga University, which offers a number of great things to do and see.

Things to Do

The downtown Spokane area is filled with things to do, and there's something for everyone in the city. There are a number of local stores and shops spread around the downtown area. While I was in town, I visited an art gallery that featured local artists. I also managed to take in a basketball game at the Gonzaga campus. It seemed that no matter what I was in the mood to do, I could do it in downtown Spokane. I easily could have spent a week seeing all that the downtown Spokane area had to offer and still not have done it all.

The Food

One of the first things I noticed about the downtown Spokane area was how many great restaurants there were. It seemed every few blocks had a local place that looked like it had amazing food. I spent time trying to decide where to eat before I ended up going to a great Mexican restaurant in the downtown area. The food was amazing and would have loved to get to sample everything on the menu. I capped off the delicious tacos with a great dessert at the restaurant. After such a great meal, I decided it was time to get some rest.

HotelTonight – Book Hotels in Downtown Spokane in an Instant

The HotelTonight app made finding a place to stay at the last minute no problem. Within a few minutes of opening the app, I had a great place to stay without the hassle or expensive fees that may come with booking a room at the last minute. After a wonderful day in downtown Spokane, I headed to my room and was ready to unwind. In a matter of minutes, I was stretched out on a hotel bed, relaxing. I had such a good time in downtown Spokane, I couldn't wait to visit the city again. I knew I'd be planning another trip to Spokane soon.