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What was once one of Dallas' rough-and-tumble neighborhoods is now one of the hippest 'hoods in the entire state, so there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to stay near Lower Greenville on my recent trip to Dallas. This lively neighborhood has been taken over by Dallas' trendy young crowd, so there's an exciting energy you'll find in Lower Greenville that you can't find anywhere else in the city. Since I wanted to experience Dallas' hot bars, restaurants and shops for myself, I checked out HotelTonight's hotel selection online, and within minutes I had booked a great hotel in Lower Greenville Dallas. Just like that, I was ready to get out and explore this stylish neighborhood on foot.

Historic Bungalows

Lower Greenville is home to some of the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas, and many of the old homes have been beautifully maintained over the decades. Neighborhoods like Belmont and Vickery Place are full of Craftsman bungalows and Prairie four squares from the 1910s and 1920s, so this area is definitely a must-see for architecture lovers. Unlike in other Dallas neighborhoods, many of these homes have been well-maintained or restored, so you can get an immediate sense of the area's history just by walking or driving through its residential neighborhoods.

Unique Shops

In recent years, Lower Greenville has become a major destination for shoppers looking for unique finds. In Lower Greenville, you won't see any major retailers or chain stores, because this neighborhood focuses instead on one-of-a-kind resale shops, vintage boutiques and quirky stores where you'll find everything from old records to cool antiques. So if you want to spend an afternoon browsing some of Dallas' most interesting shops, you should head to Greenville Avenue, where you'll come across one unique indie shop after another.

The Nightlife

If Lower Greenville is known for one thing, it's for its nightlife scene. When the sun goes down, this stretch becomes one of the liveliest, most exciting areas in Dallas, and it's certainly a favorite nightlife spot among locals. Lower Greenville is full of all types of nightlife establishments, from popular dive bars to upscale cocktail bars, so you can find a watering hole to fit any mood. Based on suggestions of locals, I visited a few of Lower Greenville's hottest bars, and each one had such a unique style and vibe that I quickly understood why Lower Greenville is one of the best spots in Dallas for a night out.

HotelTonight – Lower Greenville Dallas Hotels in Clicks

I've visited Dallas a number of times in the past, but I had yet to explore Lower Greenville until my recent Dallas getaway. I was so glad that I got out and explored a new neighborhood of Dallas, because it quickly became one of my favorite areas in the city. Next time I'm in Dallas, I'll definitely want to return to Lower Greenville to revisit some of my favorite new haunts. And, of course, I'll be sure to use HotelTonight to book a great hotel in one of Dallas' best neighborhoods.