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If you're looking for excitement in Dallas, there's really only one place to be--downtown. Dallas' city center is where locals go to enjoy exceptional food, great nightlife and, of course, the arts. Located in downtown Dallas, the Arts District is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the entire city. This happening 'hood is full of Dallas' creative types, and it's here where you can find great live entertainment and an incredible selection of visual arts every single day. Like many of Dallas' locals, I love the arts, so I decided to stay near the Arts District on my recent trip to Dallas. To book my hotel in the Dallas Art District, I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone. Within minutes, I had booked a great hotel in the heart of the Arts District, and I was ready to experience Dallas' vibrant art scene for myself.

Catch A Show

Naturally, one of the most popular elements of the Arts District is its selection of performing arts offerings. The Dallas Arts District is home to a number of performing arts venues, including the AT&T Performing Arts Center, the Dallas City Performance Hall, the Dallas Theater Center, and many more. There are so many different performing arts venues in the Arts District that it can be difficult to choose what type of a show to see. On any given night, you can catch a ballet, a musical, an opera, or a classical concert, so you will certainly never be bored in the Arts District.

Admire The Architecture

The Dallas Arts District isn't just known for its performing arts scene--it's also known for having some of the most unique, interesting architecture in the city. Some of the buildings in the Arts District were erected in the 1880s, while other structures are impressive modern masterpieces. Walking through the Arts District is like taking an architectural tour from the 1880s to the present, and architecture buffs will certainly find plenty of sights to admire in the Arts District.

Visit A Museum

Dallas is home to a number of exceptional museums, many of which are located in the Arts District. If you want to browse some of the best art exhibits in Texas, you'll want to visit the Arts District, which is home to museums like the Crow Collection of Asian Art, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center. There are too many museums in the Arts District to visit during one short stay in Dallas, which is one of the reasons why I'm already planning a return trip.

HotelTonight – Last-Minute Hotels in the Arts District Dallas

After spending a few days exploring the Arts District in downtown Dallas, I came to realize that Dallas has one of the very best arts districts in the country. In fact, this visual and performing arts district is the largest urban arts district in the U.S., which is why locals are so proud of their city's art scene. I'm already hoping to return to Dallas in the near future, because there's so much I didn't get to see during my last trip. Fortunately, I know I can always rely on HotelTonight to help me book a great last-minute hotel in the Dallas Arts District.