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Oklahoma City locals know that there's one street in the city that offers a bit of everything--great shopping, dining and historic charm. This area is called the Western Avenue district, and it boasts an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and cafes that locals love. Since I like to stay in walkable neighborhoods when I visit a new city, I chose to stay in the Western Avenue district during my recent trip to Oklahoma City. I booked my Western Avenue hotel through HotelTonight's easy-to-use app in just a few quick minutes. After checking into my hotel, I headed out to explore Western Avenue on foot. I was hungry after a long day of traveling, and locals had told me that Western Avenue has no shortage of great dining options. And I was in luck--they were right.


There are countless eateries all along Western, making this neighborhood a haven for foodies--or for simple hungry people who like tasty food. This avenue has a great variety of dining options, from casual pizza parlors and sandwich shops to trendy gastropubs and upscale restaurants. There are almost too many food options along Western, and it was difficult for me to decide where to eat. Fortunately, I was staying in the Western Avenue district for an entire weekend, so I had plenty of opportunities to test out some of Oklahoma City's best restaurants.


If Western Avenue is known for one thing, it's shopping. This street is full of great shops, from chic boutiques to antique shops. On Western, you'll find big brand retailers as well as local retailers, which adds to the charm of the neighborhood. I spent hours popping into one store after another during my stroll down Western, and I ended up with a few bags of unique purchases, including my very own pair of cowboy boots. When in Oklahoma City, buy a pair of cowboy boots--there's really no souvenir more appropriate.

Historic Buildings

If you want to get a feel for the history of Oklahoma City, be sure to pay attention to the beautiful old buildings in the Western Avenue district. This neighborhood is home to a number of Oklahoma City's most beloved historic sights, such as the exquisite Federal Courthouse and Old Post Office, which was built in 1912. There are many preserved historic buildings scattered throughout Oklahoma City, which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Oklahoma City so quickly, and it's one of the reasons why I found Western Avenue in particular so charming.

HotelTonight – Western Avenue Hotels in Oklahoma City

Even though I was only in Oklahoma City for a weekend, I felt like I got a great feel for the culture and the history of the city by exploring neighborhoods that locals love, like Western Avenue. This vibrant shopping and dining district is full of fun and interesting finds, and I loved staying close to all of the action while in Oklahoma City. Next time I return to Oklahoma City, I will definitely book my hotel through HotelTonight again to simplify my travel plans and ensure I stay in a great area of this fun city.