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The cozy, welcoming community of Midtown in Oklahoma City has experienced a renaissance in recent years, and now it's one of the coolest areas in the city. Locals love to work-live-play in Midtown, and I quickly discovered that Midtown has no shortage of things to do or see. I was lucky enough to stay in Midtown during a recent business trip to Oklahoma City, and since I loved the energy and atmosphere of the city, I decided to extend my stay and explore more of the city over the weekend. At the suggestion of some locals, I booked a hotel in the Midtown neighborhood. Within minutes of hopping on HotelTonight's website, I had booked a charming hotel in Midtown Oklahoma City, and I was ready to get out, meet some locals, and make some unforgettable memories in Oklahoma City.

Plaza Court

If you're looking for great shopping and dining in Midtown, look no further than Plaza Court. This triangular brick building recently underwent extensive renovations, and now it is considered one of the hottest social spots in Oklahoma City. Plaza Court is home to a number of hip restaurants, so it's a great place to experience some of Oklahoma City's best food while you mingle with the locals. This historic building is an establishment in Oklahoma City, and it's only getting trendier, so it's definitely a great place to visit if you're in Midtown.


Also known as the "Cottage District," SoSA (South of St. Anthony) is a cool neighborhood in Midtown Oklahoma City that is known for its fusion of contemporary design and historic charm. Locals are flocking to this area because of its diverse architectural aesthetic, terrific selection of bars and restaurants, and pedestrian friendly streets. While the "Cottage District" may not have been as vibrant and exciting a decade ago, it certainly is a hip neighborhood today. And if you want to see one of the coolest local areas in Oklahoma City, I'd certainly recommend strolling through the eclectic streets of SoSA.

Historic Buildings

Like many of Oklahoma City's neighborhoods that have experienced recent revivals, Midtown is full of history and vintage charm. You'll find beautiful old buildings all over Midtown, such as Church Row on Robinson and the quaint bungalows near St. Anthony's. There are still many buildings from the early 1900s scattered throughout Midtown, so this neighborhood is a treat for anybody with an affinity for old architecture. Even if you don't care about architecture, though, you'll surely love the charm and beauty of Midtown's historic streets.

HotelTonight – Hotels in Midtown Oklahoma City

Like any metropolitan city, Oklahoma City is comprised of diverse neighborhoods with their own flares and flavors. After spending a couple of days in Midtown, I decided that Midtown Oklahoma City was one of my favorite neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, as it's the perfect combination (in my opinion) of urban and residential. I had a blast exploring Midtown, and I am so glad that I extended my stay in Oklahoma City. Next time I return, I might explore another neighborhood in Oklahoma City, or I may return to Midtown just because I loved it so much. No matter which neighborhood I choose to stay in, I'll rely on HotelTonight to book my Oklahoma City hotel.