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Best Hotels in Henderson, Las Vegas

Headed to Henderson? You got it. When you want to get off the strip and take a break from the Vegas buzz, we’ll hook it up with hotels in Henderson.

Surrounded by mountains in the Mojave, Henderson is mostly a residential dessert town dotted with resorts and recreation. Whether you’re looking for a moment to collect yourself before heading back to the strip, playing a round of golf, visiting the big cats of Lion Habitat Ranch or checking out Lake Mead - we’ve got your back with the best hotels in Henderson.

Why We Love Henderson, Las Vegas

Away from the bustle, with all the desert vibes. Here’s why we love Henderson.

  • Quaint hotels: When you’re staying outside the big city, you want something you can rely on. We’ve got you covered with tried & true hotels you know and love plus some sweet go-to resorts. Free breakfast? Yup. Adults-only pool? Even in Henderson!
  • Vegas access: Just a fifteen minute drive to the Strip, Henderson is a great alternative to those big name hotels. Get your party on as long as you want at the bars, clubs and day parties in Las Vegas - then scoot back to Henderson for a quiet night’s rest. (Or day’s rest, depending on when you get back.)
  • Animal kingdom: If you love animals, you’ve come to the right place. Right in Henderson, you can find The Lion Habitat Ranch - a sanctuary for big cats (plus a few giraffes.) Take a tour around the property to see how trainers spend their days taking care of these majestic animals. Plus, have the chance of a lifetime to feed them!
  • That dam attraction: Always wanted to see the Hoover Dam? Here’s your chance. Just outside Henderson lies one of the greatest achievements in United State’s engineering. The Hoover Dam is quite a marvel as the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, standing at more than 725 feet above the Colorado River. Tours are available 7 days a week. While you’re out there, you can explore the National Park, Lake Mead, for picnics, hikes and boating.
  • Play a round: Golf is big in Henderson. With so many resorts and clubs, you’ll have your pick of courses at different price points. Bonus: all the courses feature incredible dessert views.

Where to find the best hotels in Henderson, Las Vegas

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