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There is so much happening at any given time in Las Vegas, whether it's during the day or in the middle of the night, that it's easy to forget that there is an entire community out there surrounding the tourist attractions that is also quite vibrant and thriving on its own. I had long wondered about that as I traveled to Las Vegas for years for work, but not too long ago I began to try to find 24 extra hours on the end of my trips so that I could see whether or not this was true for myself. I found out quickly that it was, and since that first attempt I've been making it a point to explore one new part of the area every time I'm in Las Vegas for business. On my last trip, I chose to explore Boulder City. I had heard quite a bit about it but had never seen it. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, either, as I always traveled with HotelTonight. I would find a Boulder City Las Vegas hotel room as soon as my day was done and was ready for rest.

The Stark Difference

Las Vegas, at least where the visitors spend time, is the ultimate in glitz, fashion, fast-paced lifestyles and high society. Boulder City, not even 30 minutes away from the Strip by car, is almost the polar opposite of that scene. This is a classic smaller community that prides itself on its solid and straightforward way in life. It's family-oriented, laid-back in terms of its pace and it embraces history from generations ago. I marveled at how it seemed like I had driven only 25 minutes from Las Vegas but somehow arrived on another planet.

The Outdoors

Yes, the Hoover Dam is nearby, but I was more about finding out how folks here live on an everyday basis. I would see the dam some other time. I was happy to have found several different public parks and was impressed with how immaculately maintained all of them were. The spaces were wide open and green, the equipment was in good repair and inviting to the kids in town, and the scenery with the surrounding hills was incredible. I enjoyed walking around and breathing the fresh, clean air of the desert and watching families have a good time.

The Food

A down-home, family-driven community is most likely going to offer cuisine that feeds families properly, and it's exactly that type of place where I wound up for dinner. It was not fancy, it was not a place to be seen per se, but it was a nice, clean and comfortable restaurant. It also happened to serve some of the best homemade meatloaf I had ever tasted in my life. There was a spice present that I could not place, but the smiling server would not tell me what it was.

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I had enjoyed a truly lovely day. I was full and satisfied with what I had seen, so now it was time for some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and found a Boulder City Las Vegas hotel room in seconds. I made my way towards it, looking forward to a deep sleep.