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Indianapolis is one of the biggest cities in the Midwest. It may exist somewhat in the shadows of other cities in the region to an extent, but that doesn't bother the people there in the least. They are just fine with enjoying their community as it is and living life to its fullest. I've always sensed that attitude when I visited there, and I've been going there regularly for work recently. I wanted to get to know the place a little bit more. I figured out that I could do so by booking my return flights from meetings there for 24 hours after my obligations were finished. Not only have I been doing that, but I've also been limiting myself to one neighborhood per visit. I do that to avoid any time stress that may arise and to give myself the full opportunity to really dig deeply into an area and get to know it. I also never had to worry about lodging. I travel with the HotelTonight app. It would, as always, help me find a Pike Township Indianapolis hotel room as soon as the day was done and I was ready to relax.

The Parks

One of the first things that you notice when you roll into Pike Township is that there is a lot of wide-open space to enjoy, and this didn't seem like an accident. That was good for me, as I was in dire need of some exercise after a long week of meetings. I parked my car and got out at one of the many parks there. I walked around under the lovely green trees for a couple of hours, watching people play with their kids and their dogs. I got to talk to a few families who lived there, and it was clear that they were happy with where they lived.

The People

As it turns out, what I saw at the park was a preview for what I was going to see for the rest of the day. As I walked around in the middle of the community, I saw family after family after family out and about enjoying their day. This is clearly an area where people feel that they can raise a family happily and safely, and you couldn't walk down even one street without seeing a group of children playing together gleefully.

The Pub

A town like this in the Midwest has to have its own pub, and Pike Township does. I stopped in for a beer and found out that it also served food, so I decided to have dinner there and keep talking to people. I'm not normally a fan of pub food, but they served a hamburger that was absolutely delicious and a perfect match for the locally brewed beer I was having. Those two things combined with nice conversation made my night.

HotelTonight – Pike Township Indianapolis Hotels

After such an enjoyable experience, I was ready for some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and found a Pike Township Indianapolis hotel room immediately. I could not wait to relax in my comfortable room, satisfied with my memorable day.