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When people think of Indianapolis, especially those who have never been there, they tend to think of the Indianapolis 500 and basketball. While both of those things are very important to the city and they are integral parts of its identity, there is a lot more to see and experience there. I've known this for some time now, as I've been coming here for years. For a long time, I did not see much of Indianapolis as I was here for work. That meant that I went to my meetings, perhaps had dinner somewhere and immediately flew home when my work was finished. I started to change all of that recently. I started booking my return flights for 24 hours after I was finished working. That gave me an entire day to myself to explore a different part of this interesting city. I chose one neighborhood per trip, and on my last trip that neighborhood was Bates-Hendricks. I was looking forward to seeing it and was not worried at all about lodging. My HotelTonight app would find me a Bates-Hendricks Indianapolis hotel room as soon as I was ready to turn in for the night.

Its Growth and Development

For many years, Bates-Hendricks fell on some hard times. It was a bit downtrodden and many of the buildings and the area in general fell into somewhat of a state of disrepair. That has all changed in a big way in recent years. The community itself has come together to help reinvest in the area. I saw residents out cleaning up sidewalks, planting flowers and clearing out weeds from common areas. These are people who care about where they live and about each other, and that sense of community is something that shines right through.

The Old Buildings

It should be noted that a neighborhood cannot fall into a state of disrepair for many years if it has not been around for an even larger number of years, and Bates-Hendricks has been around for a long time. It's one of the older neighborhoods in Indianapolis, and you can see that by way of many of the older buildings that are present here. Many of them have been cared for properly and some others have been restored recently, and the entire effort gives off a vibe of history-meets-modernity. It's a neat thing to see.

The Local Eatery

After walking around and talking to people about their beloved neighborhood, I was ready for some dinner. Interestingly, the big attraction in this little neighborhood is a Mexican food restaurant. I was ready for that, and when they served up this Tex-Mex treat I was thrilled. The meat and the peppers were cooked to perfection, and everyone around me was enjoying their dinners as much as I was mine. Once again, it all felt like a big community.

HotelTonight – Bates-Hendricks Indianapolis Hotels

After such a nice meal, it was time to call it a day. I opened my HotelTonight app and it found several Bates-Hendricks Indianapolis hotels for me. I chose one, booked a room and was on my way to a big night of restful sleep.