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Indianapolis is a very complex but very interesting city. It's really a tapestry of a lot of different little communities that all tend to come together as one in many respects. I got my first glimpse of Indianapolis as a child. My father loved auto racing, so he took me to the Indianapolis 500. I'll never forget the sound of those roaring engines and the size of the crowd watching these machines move at speeds I could not even comprehend. Since then, I've always had a thing for this fine city, and I've always wanted to visit it again. Recently, I fell into a random opportunity to do just that. I had a layover at the airport there and my connecting flight was canceled. I had 24 hours to kill and didn't want to do so at the hotel next to the airport. Instead, I decided to go explore one neighborhood for myself and get my own room that night with HotelTonight. I wouldn't even need to book it ahead of time. I was going to explore Broad Ripple and then find a Broad Ripple Indianapolis hotel room when I was ready for some sleep.

The Outdoors

Everyone who travels regularly understands that one of the biggest challenges you face when doing so is that there is rarely time or any opportunity for exercise. You're always crammed into some airport, some plane or something. The first thing I wanted to do with my free tie in Broad Ripple was get some fresh air. Fortunately, they have that in droves there. I found a really nice hiking trail along the river, so I meandered at a reasonable pace along that for a while before deciding to get back into town.

The Spoiling of Residents

In certain ways, Broad Ripple felt like its own small little town, perhaps from a decade in the past. I wandered by several salons and old-style barbershops, and since I was due for a cut and decided to stop in. This is also a great way to get to know the people of a community. This place not only had inexpensive haircuts, but I got a great barber-style shave as well, as travel is not kind to your facial skin either. I had a great time shooting the breeze with the men there that day.

The Food

Finally, after such a wonderful day, I decided it was time to get some dinner. Actually, my stomach was deciding for me, but regardless… I needed food. The guys at the barber shop told me about this farm-to-table place just down the road, so I decided to give it a try. It was superb. The salad was as flavorful as anything I had ever tasted, and the chicken and potatoes were cooked perfectly and full of flavor that can only be obtained with time.

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After such a nice day, it was time to call it a night. I opened my HotelTonight app, and it found several Broad Ripple Indianapolis hotel rooms for me instantly. I picked one and was all set. I looked forward to a restful night of sleep.