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I love Jacksonville, Florida. It's a big city. It's a small town. It's modern. It's traditional. It's all of the above, really. I have been traveling to Jacksonville for years, and it wasn't until about a year ago that I figured out how to make the most of my time there. My job takes me there often, but for the first couple of years I visited I only allowed for enough time to get my work done and then to fly home. Suddenly, I realized one day on my way back to the airport that I didn't have to do that. I could just book my flight for 24 hours later than I would have otherwise and have a day to myself to enjoy the city. I started choosing one neighborhood to visit for each trip, as that made it a lot easier to calmly enjoy myself and really get to know a certain spot. I chose Northside for my most recent visit, and I didn't worry about lodging, as my HotelTonight app helped me find a Northside Jacksonville hotel in a matter of seconds.

The Pace of Life

Downtown Jacksonville is a bustling, big city with a lot going on at nearly all hours of the day. Mere minutes away is Northside, and you wouldn't think there would be much of a difference, but there really is. The pace of life here is almost more rural than urban, and it gives you the feel of a more "traditional" Florida where everyone knows everyone, people sit on their porches and enjoy iced tea, they stop and talk to each other when out walking their dogs and make sure that they enjoy the fact that they live in a beautiful place.

The Development

What was also interesting with regards to the Northside is that it wasn't that incredibly long ago that this was not much of a residential area at all. It was almost purely here for industrial operations, and that's all changing somewhat rapidly. The way the area is being built is quite interesting in that the lot sizes and home sizes and types are varied, and this is going to add all types of different people to the neighborhood as it continues to develop. There's a lot going on here for such a rural-feeling place.

The Seafood

If you're in Jacksonville, you're going to be in line to have some seafood. That's what happens when there is a big river and an ocean nearby. I stopped at a place for dinner that served some of the best flounder I had ever tasted. It was flaky, tasty and flavorful, much like I had heard about flounder in the past. I had never had this fish before, but I'm certainly going to try it again if I'm ever somewhere near where it's caught.

HotelTonight – Northside Jacksonville Hotels in Seconds

After such a tremendous meal, I was ready to call it a day. I grabbed my phone, opened HotelTonight and booked a Northside Jacksonville hotel room within seconds. It was just that easy, and I was sure that falling asleep would be just as easy after the eventful day I had.