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Jacksonville, Florida seems like it's always been some sort of a meeting point. It's situated along a river and near the ocean. It is a place where there are both a lot of transplants who want to live in the gorgeous Florida climate and where families have been rooted here for generation after generation. It's an interesting place, and one that I've taken to exploring. That's because I'm in Jacksonville a lot for work, and after the first couple of trips I began to regret that I only ever stayed long enough to finish my meetings. Lately, I've been booking my return flight for 24 hours after I was done working so that I could explore. I would choose one neighborhood in town so that I could have enough time to really see a place. On my most recent trip, I chose to explore Five Points. I couldn't wait to see what it was like to live there. I wasn't worried about lodging, either, as I had HotelTonight with me. The app would help me find a Five Points Jacksonville hotel room in real time.

The Quaintness

I was immediately struck by how quaint Five Corners is. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, as I was only a few minutes from the bustling, ultra-modern downtown area of Jacksonville and all of a sudden here I was staring at what looked like a scene from the 1950's. The streets were all very neat and lined with small businesses. The area overall was very clean. Children played and skipped along the sidewalks and artwork was everywhere that was clearly not there by accident. This was a happy place indeed.

The Architecture

I walked around for a while looking at all of the different types of homes here. I stopped at a cafe and reviewed some of the photos I took when I struck up a conversation with a local who was sitting at the next table. He told me that over 100 years ago, there was a huge fire in downtown Jacksonville and a lot of people moved here. Many of these people were architects, and they were busy at the time. They got creative with the homes in the neighborhood, and that was clear. On one block alone, I saw 5 different lovely homes, each done in a completely and totally different style.

The Dining

A place this pleasant would have to be home to a lot of fine dining, correct? Yes, that is the case. This is, not surprisingly, a place for foodies, so I stopped at a restaurant that served its fare tapas style. I love to eat this way, as it gives you the opportunity to try several different things without ever getting too full to try something else. I had everything from scrumptious seafood to delightful vegetarian tastes, and the meal itself was an event.

HotelTonight – Five Points Jacksonville Hotels in Seconds

After such a lovely meal, it was time to call it a night. I opened the HotelTonight app on my phone and booked a Five Points Jacksonville hotel room in seconds. I was all set, as the app is just that easy. I made my way to my hotel and fell asleep almost immediately. It had been a great day.