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Jacksonville, Florida is a unique city for a lot of different reasons. It's situated in the south and it certainly holds a lot of southern values such as hospitality and friendliness, but it's also somewhat worldly in how it feels. There are influences from different parts of the world that are present here, and I've never really been able to figure out why other than a lot of people have moved here because it's so beautiful. Regardless, I've been taking some 24-hour trips to Jacksonville when the opportunity presented itself for whatever reason, and an opportunity recently presented itself once again. Therefore, I booked my flight for 24 hours later than I had to be there, and this time I decided to explore the neighborhood of Eastside Jacksonville. I had already spent one-day time periods exploring other communities within the city, but never this one. I couldn't wait to get started. I also couldn't be bothered with worrying about lodging. I travel with HotelTonight, so I knew I could find an Eastside Jacksonville hotel room as soon as I needed one.

The Culture

As soon as you pull into Eastside Jacksonville, you realize that this is an extremely family-oriented part of town. You see children walking with parents all over the place. You see baby strollers on just about every street. You see multiple generations of people all spending time together on their porches or in their yards. You see kids walking to and from school. It's a neat sight, and one that makes you realize that this more than anything else is the foundation of a true community. If families are strong and present, the rest of the neighborhood will reflect that.

The Park

Phillip Randolph Park is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. It's situated in the middle of what could best be described as a densely populated urban residential area, so it's surprising to see it there in the first place. This is also a big tract of land where those strong family ties are even more prevalent. Moms and dads fly kites with their kids. Younger people play fetch with their dogs. Kids play baseball on the diamond. It's seemingly the unofficial gathering place for Eastside Jacksonville.

The Restaurants

There is a wide array of dining options here on the Eastside, but I wanted some traditional southern cooking, as you don't get that up north where I live. A nice lady told me about a place that served the best fried chicken in town, so I had to try it. She was right--the chicken was tasty and juicy and the skin was crispy, spicy and had that perfect soft under-layer that made everything just fit together. It was a fantastic dinner.

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After such a meal, I had no choice but to call it a night. I grabbed my phone, opened HotelTonight and booked an Eastside Jacksonville hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to get off my feet and to start remembering what an interesting day I had had.