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Denver is a city that you need to experience in an ongoing fashion. This is not a place where you can simply arrive, take a bus tour around town and feel as though you have a feel for what life is like here. What I do know about Denver is that it is an extremely interesting place where you'll find something unique almost anywhere you look. I've been coming here for a long time, but on my first few trips here all I did was work and not much else. That didn't give me much of an introduction to the Mile High City. Recently, I've been extending my business trips by 24 hours so that I could have one day to myself to explore this place. I've been choosing one neighborhood per trip so that I could take my time and not feel pressure to see too much. On my last trip, I decided to explore the neighborhood of Highland. I hadn't been there before but was really looking forward to seeing it. As far as lodging was concerned, I was anything but, as I had HotelTonight with me, the app that would find a Highland Denver hotel for me as soon as I was ready to rest.

Young and Old

As soon as you arrive here, you realize that there are a lot of old and beautiful buildings in Highland. There are Victorian homes all over the place, and that's a style that's always appealed to me. They are old, sturdy and still beautiful. In addition to all that is old, there is also a lot that is new. By that I mean the people who spend time here. Highland is filled with young professionals who are just getting things started in life. They seem to have just finished with their schooling and are now bustling about.

The Small Businesses

There are certain neighborhoods around the country that are seemingly filled with all sorts of large businesses whose brands extend across the planet. While there's certainly nothing wrong with that, I've always found it neat when I walk through a neighborhood and see almost exclusively small businesses that are owned by people who live there. That's what's happening in Highland, as you won't find many chain stores here. Instead, you'll find the same products and services offered by locals.

The Restaurants

Along those lines, the restaurants in Highland provide an eclectic and interesting mix of cuisine. You'll find gastropubs and all different types of ethnic foods. I was starving, so I wanted a big, juicy burger and a nice beer to go with it. I was told about a place that made a burger that was topped with what seemed like an entire garden. I went there and tried it, and it was spectacular. The meat was cooked perfectly, the bun was soft and tasty and the vegetables packed a pop of flavor. The beer was also delicious.

HotelTonight – Highland Denver Hotels

After such a big meal, I was ready to call it a night and get some sleep. I opened the HotelTonight app on my phone and it immediately found a list of Highland Denver hotels near my location at that time. I picked one and booked it in seconds. That was it--I was off for a big night of rest after a fun-filled day.