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Known for its hot, dry weather, the desert city of Phoenix provides a pleasant escape for those living in colder climates during the winter months. Of course, Phoenix locals don't just consider their city a winter destination--they think it's a great city to live in year-round. During my recent visit to Phoenix, I decided to experience Phoenix more like a local than a visitor, because I wanted to see the city through a local's perspective. To do that, I used HotelTonight to book a hotel in South Mountain Phoenix, a residential neighborhood at the base of beautiful desert mountains. Within just a few minutes on HotelTonight's website, I had a great hotel room waiting for me in South Mountain, and I was ready to experience this Phoenix neighborhood like a local.

The Park

I'd say that locals living in South Mountain are pretty lucky, because they have the gorgeous South Mountain Park in their backyard. This mountain is a local favorite for hiking and mountain biking, and its picturesque desert landscape will make you realize just how beautiful the desert can be, with its towering cacti and wild rock structures. I hiked up a well-maintained trail, where I passed many locals enjoying their regular trek up the mountain, and when I reached the top, I took in the sweeping views of the valley.


There's no doubt that Phoenix is a haven for golfers, simply because you can play golf year-round in this desert climate. In the South Mountain area alone, I passed several golf courses, which were filled with both locals and tourists. While I'm certainly not a great golfer, I didn't feel like I could travel all the way to Phoenix without enjoying some time on the green, so I booked a tee time at a nearby golf course and enjoyed one of Phoenix's favorite pastimes.


Considered an "urban village," the neighborhood of Laveen consists of residential developments and agricultural property. The village is where locals go to shop, eat, and mingle, so it's where I found a few great dining spots during my stay. Since it's relatively cheap to live in the South Mountain area in comparison to other areas of Phoenix, Laveen is by no means an upscale neighborhood. It does, however, provide plenty of spots to get good food and to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. Plus, the drive to downtown Phoenix is a breeze from South Mountain.

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South Mountain may not be a visitor's first choice when staying in Phoenix, but there are certainly many things to do and enjoy in this residential neighborhood. For one, the surrounding desert scenery is stunning, and it will certainly make you appreciate the unique beauty of this landscape. If you want to experience some of Phoenix's best outdoor areas, South Mountain may be the place for you. I was certainly glad I chose to stay in the South Mountain on my recent Phoenix trip, and the next time I return to Phoenix I will definitely book my Phoenix hotel through HotelTonight again.