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Phoenix locals consider Ahwatukee a very desirable place to live, and after spending a few days there myself, I could understand why. This popular residential neighborhood is one of Phoenix's 15 urban villages, and it provides locals with a laidback atmosphere, which you won't find in Phoenix's bustling urban center. I quickly discovered that Ahwatukee is most beloved for its beautiful natural setting, as it's tucked into the base of the South Mountain Park. The stunning desert landscape in Ahwatukee is breathtaking, and it's easy to see why this area is a haven for those looking to soak up some sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. I recently traveled to Phoenix in search of long, sunny days and a wide selection of outdoor activities, and I found just what I was looking for in Ahwatukee. To plan my last-minute Phoenix getaway, I used HotelTonight to book a fantastic hotel in Ahwatukee. In only a few short minutes on HotelTonight's website, I had booked a lovely hotel near this sprawling urban village in the Arizona desert, and I was ready to get outside and explore Ahwatukee.

South Mountain

Since Ahwatukee is located at the base of South Mountain, this is easily one of the best neighborhoods in all of Phoenix for avid hikers and mountain bikers. South Mountain features miles of scenic trails that are quite popular among locals, who love getting outside and enjoying the gorgeous desert landscape. I wanted to take advantage of this unique setting just like Ahwatukee locals do, so I went for multiple hikes on the South Mountain. There are trails for all levels, so some days I chose easier trails and other days I laced my hiking shoes extra tight to tackle more strenuous paths.

The Foothills

If you think you can't find paradise in Arizona, you haven't been to the Ahwatukee Foothills. Here, you'll find beautiful planned communities, sparkling pools and luxury resorts. Some communities are even built along the shore of man-made lakes, which makes this community feel like a true oasis in the middle of the desert. This neighborhood is also quite popular among winter visitors, who travel to Phoenix to escape the brutal cold back home.


It goes without saying--Arizona has great golfing. After all, there's sunshine year-round and this state has some of the best golf courses in the country. Since I love golf, I couldn't visit Phoenix without playing a round or two. Luckily, there are some great golf courses in and around Ahwatukee, so it's an ideal place to stay for golf lovers.

HotelTonight – Last-Minute Hotels in Ahwatukee Phoenix

I've visited Phoenix many times over the years, and each time I return I fall more in love with this relaxed, beautiful desert city. I make it my mission to explore new areas of Phoenix every time I visit, and I loved every minute of my stay in Ahwatukee. When I plan my next weekend getaway to Phoenix, I will be sure to rely on HotelTonight to book another great hotel in Phoenix. And if I feel like I need to enjoy some more hikes and the beautiful outdoors, I may even book a hotel in Ahwatukee again.