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Phoenix is a major city in the Southwest, and while it certainly isn't as old as most towns on the East Coast, this Arizona city still has deep roots. There are many historic districts located throughout Phoenix, most of which have been well-maintained over the decades. One of the most treasured historic districts in Phoenix is Medlock Place, an old suburb located north of downtown. This neighborhood is comprised of tree-lined streets and beautiful old homes, and there are few neighborhoods in all of Phoenix as idyllic as Medlock Place. I had heard such great things about Medlock Place from Phoenix locals, so on my recent trip to this Arizona city I decided to check out this historic district for myself. Through HotelTonight's website, I booked a great hotel in Medlock Place Phoenix in just a few minutes, so I was ready to see these historic Phoenix streets in person.

Historic Homes

Medlock Place is best known for its abundance of historic homes. All throughout Medlock Place, you'll find gorgeous old homes from the 1920s and 30s, and most of these well-maintained homes boast lush green lawns and manicured gardens, creating a picture-perfect neighborhood. Floyd Medlock, the original developer of the neighborhood, wanted to construct a neighborhood where locals could live amidst "city conveniences with country delights," and that still rings true today. There's a small-town, charming country feel to this neighborhood, but it still provides the convenient proximity to Phoenix's urban center.

Camelback Road

Medlock Place may look and feel like a residential neighborhood, but it's still easy to explore this area on foot. One of the neighborhood's most popular streets is Camelback Road, which locals frequent due to its trendy coffee shops, popular boutiques and vintage stores, and its eclectic selection of restaurants. After spending the morning walking past the beautiful old homes of Medlock Place, I wandered down to Camelback Road for lunch, where I found all types of great dining options.

Public Transportation

Medlock Place is not your average suburb. Locals who live in this charming community aren't tied to their cars, as Medlock Place is close to a light rail line, which can take you to the bustling downtown area. Because of this convenient public transportation, many Phoenix locals choose to live near Medlock Place so they can have a breezy commute to work. I took a cue from the locals and chose to stay near Medlock Place during my Phoenix vacation so that I could easily get around the city without hassling with my rental car.

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For some reason, many people assume that Phoenix has no history and no charm, but those people clearly haven't been to historic neighborhoods like Medlock Place. This idyllic old neighborhood reflects Phoenix's history, and it's now quite a desirable place to live for locals. I found Medlock Place to be charming and welcoming, and I would certainly stay in the area again on future Phoenix getaways. Whenever I return to Phoenix in the future, I'll be sure to book my Phoenix hotel through HotelTonight, which always helps me find the best last-minute hotel deals available.