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When you spend time in Green Bay, you soon realize that the Fox River, which dissects the city almost exactly in half, is not just a landmark. Instead, it divides the city into what the locals call the "East Side" and the "West Side." While the city is a whole is an extremely united community, there has always been a bit of a rivalry there that still pops up from time to time, such as when Green Bay East High School plays Green Bay West High School in any sport. I recently got to spend a day on the East Side, and I did so because I wanted to spend 24 hours learning about what it was like to live here. I found an East Side Green Bay hotel room thanks to HotelTonight, so I was all set in that regard. On to my day.

The Historic Buildings

Green Bay is one of the oldest cities in the United States, as people have been living here for hundreds of years, predating the United States. While none of the buildings I saw were that old, there are sections in this part of town, mostly residential, where the homes are at least 100 years old. What's amazing is that these homes have been maintained almost immaculately since then, and walking down the streets lined with enormous oak and maple trees is almost like stepping back into a different time and place. There is a peace to this part of town that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

The Pizza Parlors

Green Bay, regardless of the side of the river on which someone lives, takes its food seriously. The East Side of Green Bay is one of the few places I have seen recently that still has quite a few different old-time pizza parlors. You know the ones I'm talking about, with the checkered table cloths, big, leather benches in the booths and the servers with the paper hats and aprons. I ate at one of them and it was uniquely delicious. The style of pizza here is one that features a very thin crust, a lot of finely-chopped mushrooms, and you can get canned mushrooms here, and more Wisconsin cheese than you would ever think could avoid falling all over your lap when you pick up one of those little square pieces.

The Supper Clubs

After a full, huge pizza lunch, I was not quite ready for what was in store for me for dinner. A friend said that I had to try to have a meal at a supper club, which was something I had never heard of before that conversation. I found one on the East Side of Green Bay, and it was quite different. You walk in, put in your name and dinner order at the bar and have a cocktail. When it's ready, they take you to your table where your food is brought out to you immediately, and you sit family style, or with others. The food was delicious and the entire experience was memorable.

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I had enjoyed a great day on the East Side of Green Bay. I made my way back to my hotel room and thought about all of the things I had seen and of course eaten. This was a friendly, happy and inviting part of town and I looked forward to coming back.

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