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Downtown Green Bay is not the vibrant city center of some enormous city where you're surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic. Instead, this city of approximately 100,000 people is growing without losing that quintessential small-town vibe. The essence of a small town is present in just about every business you enter, from the local restaurants to the head nods along the Fox River. I spent a day here recently, and it was a lot of fun. I really got to know the downtown area by walking its streets instead of driving—a car is not necessary, so I'm happy to have skipped renting one. I'm glad that HotelTonight helped me find an ideal downtown Green Bay hotel for my stay that enabled me to have a memorable Green Bay experience.

Enjoy a Nice Breakfast

Downtown has several options for breakfast, and I chose one that served nothing but locally sourced food, which meant enjoying a lot of creamy dairy and fresh produce in season during my stay. It was a wonderful and satisfying meal, supporting the local farming communities and setting me up for a nice day in the neighborhood.

Take a Walk Along an Iconic River

After a satisfying breakfast, I decided to get out and exercise a bit. I found a trail that runs alongside the Fox River, which is historic for several different reasons. These days, the Fox River serves as a divider between the east side and west side of Green Bay, and it's long been the location where industries were located. However, a lot of redevelopment has gone into the waterfront, and that includes the Fox River Trail, a paved path that gave me a serene and scenic look at the river and the land that sits near it. It was a peaceful walk and an easy way to spend a few hours taking in the city.

The Burger of Green Bay

A town called Seymour, Wisconsin is about 15 minutes outside of Green Bay. It claims to have invented the hamburger. Whether that's true or not, as other cities have claimed origination stories too, it's undeniable that Green Bay and the surrounding areas take their hamburgers seriously. That is, I was able to dine in a sit-down restaurant with a wait staff taking my hamburger order. It was great service—old school in its delivery and delicious in taste.

The Farmer's Market

I ended my day on the outskirts of downtown Green Bay, but was just across the river where there is a Farmer's Market. I walked through a Farmer's Market that was a true delight and further showcased the small town attitude of this developing metropolis. There had to have been over 100 vendors there, and I saw everything from produce to baked goods from doggie treats to plant arrangements all in front of a live folk band. It was a great way to end the day and return to my hotel.

HotelTonight – Downtown Green Bay Hotels in Minutes

Making my way back to my hotel, I thought about what a nice experience downtown Green Bay provides. It is a thriving, happy and lovely little neighborhood in a beautiful part of the world. HotelTonight helped me find a hotel room in downtown Green Bay, and I look forward to seeing more neighborhoods that surprise me as much as this one.