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Houston has no shortage of trendy neighborhoods, but Midtown is definitely the area to visit if you want to enjoy some of the city's hippest haunts. The streets of Midtown are lined with restaurants, bars, museums and shops, so it's no wonder why this area is so popular among locals. During my recent trip to Houston, I was lucky enough to stay at a hotel in Midtown, so I was able to enjoy some of the city's best dining and shopping options day after day. Since Midtown is an urban playground for locals, I mingled with countless Houston locals during my stay, and thanks to their recommendations I was able to explore some of the neighborhood's hottest spots. Since I was staying at a great hotel in the heart of Midtown Houston, which I had booked in just a few quick minutes on my HotelTonight app, I was able to get to know my temporary home by experiencing this vibrant neighborhood like a local.

The Eclectic Museum Scene

Midtown is a hub of culture and art, and it's especially known for its abundance of museums. Located right on the edge of the Museum District, Midtown is the place locals go when they want to see great art and history exhibits. I wasn't in Houston long enough to explore all of the great museums in Midtown, but I did get to visit the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, where I saw fascinating artwork by both local and international artists, as well as the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, the only museum in the entire country that honors the long history of African Americans fighting on the side of the U.S. since the Revolutionary War.

Beautiful Green Spaces

I'm a firm believer that every great neighborhood should have public green spaces. Parks and public spaces increase the quality of life in any neighborhood, and I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a number of green spaces during my time in Midtown Houston. One morning, I joined locals for yoga in Bagby Park, and the next day I enjoyed a casual picnic in the newly refurbished Midtown Park. I noticed that the locals make great use of Midtown's public spaces and there are always locals exercising, socializing or just relaxing in the park. No wonder Houston locals are so friendly--they have so many beautiful green spaces to enjoy in the heart of an urban environment.

The Local Nightlife

If you ask any Houston local about Midtown, their will immediately think of the nightlife scene. It's no secret that Midtown is one of the city's best spots for nightlife, and it transforms into a vibrant, energetic neighborhood once the sun goes down. While there are a number of watering holes popular among the young professional crowd, there are also a number of upscale restaurants and bars for a more relaxed night out. No matter what type of vibe you're looking for during your night out on the town, you'll be able to find exactly what you want in Midtown.

HotelTonight – Midtown Houston

Even though I was only in Houston for a weekend, I was able to get a great beat on the city--and the Midtown neighborhood in particular--simply by experiencing the area as if I were a local. This was all possible thanks to Houston's friendly locals and HotelTonight, which helped me book a great last-minute hotel in the heart of Midtown Houston.